15 class action lawsuits filed against Apple for throttling iPhones with aging batteries

“Most of the class action lawsuits filed against Apple thus far have stemmed California or New York. Today the first class action lawsuit was filed in Chicago and now the first lawsuit from Texas by Mark Miller, Chris Spearman and Craig Stanford,” Jack Purcher reports for PatentlyApple. “The group claims that Apple intentionally designed software updates to slow down iPhones.”

Yesterday “afternoon Apple posted a message on their home page titled ‘A Message to Our Customers about iPhone Batteries and Performance,'” Purcher reports. “This is unlikely to stop the flow of class action lawsuits that are still streaming in.”

Purcher reports, “Earlier [yesterday], Patently Apple posted a report on a lawsuit filed in France and others from South Korea will be filed over the next two months.”

Read more, and see the list of eleven more class action lawsuits filed over this issue, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The frivolity continues.

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    1. Please- no unnecessarily rude, crude orange comments… Isn’t it ugly enough out there? If warren is Pocahontas, what do you call Tim? (I can guess..)

      Yes, there should be a software update that lets you have speed over longevity- I don’t turn the brightness down on my phone to get more out of my battery, would also prefer to get less battery and just be able to know how long till a recharge. Pro-Choice here.

        1. Tim Cook has employed more lawyers than any other CEO in Apple’s history. Very good, Tim, the bar thanks you. Too bad all this cash won’t be directed to recruiting and R&D.

  1. These people are dumber then rocks, the most they might get is a new iPhone of the same model they already have (highly unlikely), or they’ll get a coupon for a new battery.. big whoop… Chances are they’ll get nothing, they’ll be told to get there $29 battery replacement from Apple.

    1. You think Apple should be rewarded for poor business practice by failing to provide consumers with informed consent for degrading iPhone performance? If MS or Samsung did this you would be the first to castigate them. You have no credibility, fanboy.

  2. LawyerFest.
    They (Class Action Attorneys) will line their pockets if they get a settlement and you will get not much more than Apple is offering you right now.

    If Jony had put a end user accessible battery in the iPhone this could have been avoided.

    1. Yeah, the rascals about killed me two times! I barely made it both times knuckleheads said I was fine! Anyway, wha’ we talking about here? Oh yeah, iPhone batteries. Okay lawyers, I’ll take my $4.79 from the suit. And, one new iPhone please, a X.

  3. So surprised that Apple would make a mistake like this. How did they think this would turn out? This will be an expensive lesson but ultimately one that is good for consumers and good for the industry as a whole that even the perception of “handicapping” devices is unacceptable.

  4. Dump part of Pump and Dump. Time to buy Apple stock. Apple makes your phone last longer and run better so its time to sue, sue, sue Apple. Shame on them for trying to help.

    Bad Apple, Bad…. and to all the Samsung trolls here, Would you really be happier if Apple made your phones obsolete each year, made then only last two years and NEVER ever allow a software upgrade (for free yet)??

    Just saying.

    1. All the Android manufacturers are gleefully announcing that they don’t slow down their phones. However, they are also not telling their customers that their phones are are misbehaving and shutting down due to an old battery. Sounds like planned obsolescence to me, whereas Apples method makes your iPhone useful for much longer, the opposite of planned obsolescence.

  5. I do not know how these class actions might end up with, however, I am hoping for one thing as a result of this, an opening of the “Walled Garden”. I am hoping that Apple would loosen their overly tight grip and dictation on our hardware which I paid for and own.
    Let’s set aside the usual OS control, some are legitimate (to minimize battery drain etc), but some are not (resulted in jailbreaking).
    But what about selling the memory chip at much higher price? I purchased the 8 on the launch day but had choice of only 64Gb or 256Gb with the jump in price of C$210 in-between! In my case, 64Gb was a bit tight but never needed 256Gb, but was forced to shell out additional C$210. They did not even offer 128Gb that they used to. Memory chip is so cheap now, and obviously, Apple is in the business of selling the memory too. I do not get into detail of each case but the soldered RAM (to block user upgrade), use of security screw (pentalobe head) and so on and on to list a few, apparently in an attempt to encourage the new purchases. This battery fiasco is in the same category. They should change this whole mentality.

  6. How stupid and ridiculous this all is!

    Apple puts a program on iPhones to make the battery last longer as it wears out so you can use the iPhone longer and the are damned by the stupid media that are in hedge funds pocket and sued by shyster accident chasing lawyers. If someone wrote an app for iPhones to do that it would be a best seller.

    1. They made a “feature” that they didn’t tell the consumers about.

      It slows the cpu down in an effort to extend the battery life.

      They told the consumers their cpu would run at a certain speed but didn’t tell them they would slow it down over time, even if it is for a good reason like extending the battery life.

      This is false advertising and I’m pretty sure Apple is going to lose in court over false advertising or y not disclosing the cpu adjustment.

      By them lowering the price of a replacement battery to $29 to calm people down is just about the same as admitting to being guilty.

      A jury will have a field day with this one.

      1. Apple have never guaranteed that an iPhone will run at a certain speed. They might say something like the A11 has performance UP TO 1.4 times the A10, but all other details are never released. Also I have never seen an iPhone advertisement featuring performance details. Therefore , there has never been any false advertising.
        Ask yourself what phone is faster? A slightly slower stable phone that smoothly performs a task or a ‘fast’ phone that shuts down randomly and has to be restarted?

    2. Just another example of someone missing the point. The issue isn’t that they did it, Apple did NOT tell anyone they did it.., THAT IS THE ISSUE. Yet again, they address something after the fact they should have just told everyone up front and they wouldn’t have felt the need to take $50 off the price of a battery. So be it.. Lawsuits be gone now.. No need for a single one..

  7. Would gamers get angry if Nintendo decided to start throttling the portable Switch once the battery started getting old?

    Gamers would flip out asking why they were getting poor frame rates and slow loading times…
    I think the consumers know they need to replace their battery. It’s not rocket science guys.

    Leave my iPhone alone and let me deal with the “old” battery. I’m a big boy and I know I need to change the battery in order to increase the battery life again.


      1. Ummmm computer crashes are typically expected to occur due to various errors that can happen…

        Apple admitted to intentionally slowing the iPhone down. That merits a case.

        I don’t sue because a unintinitial error or crash occurs. There is a big difference but you probably can’t see that can you…

      2. Before the fix, older iPhones were crashing frequently because the batteries could not deliver enough peak power to keep them running. There was no way to fix that problem other than to level out the demand peaks so that the battery wouldn’t overheat, discharge quickly, and shut the device down completely.

        Do you really think that users (and their lawyers) would have been satisfied if Apple had announced that it knew how to fix that problem, but had no intention of doing so? Apple could have just told them to pay for a new battery, buy a new phone, or suck it up. Instead, was concerned enough to provide a solution. Instead, it provided a solution that improved the user experience for most users.

        Yes, it should have been clearer about what it was doing, but how many users do you think really prefer having a device that works at 100% when it is working—but only works 80% of the time without crashing—as opposed to one that works 100% of the time but levels peaks higher than 80% of normal usage?

        1. You have a fundamental lack of understanding about what “broke” means. A current deficit does not mean a person, company, state or country is broke as long as the deficit can be financed. If one can’t finance a deficit, that means “broke”.
          You allow your extreme views to cloud your assessment of facts. No charge.

    1. one more thing.. “amazing ability to piss off consumers”. Your nonsense is totally belied by aapl’s customer satisfaction ratings over the years across their products and services. Take a few minutes and do some research and then put some thought into your comments, Fred.

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