“We’ve seen Fstoppers’ Lee Morris review the video capabilities of previous iPhone generations, and the iPhone X got a similar treatment.,” Chris Smith writes for BGR.

“The camera pros at Fstoppers’ tested the iPhone X’s 4K video capabilities against the Panasonic GH5, which is their favorite video camera right now — that’s an expensive mirrorless camera that does deliver DSLR-like performance.,” Smith writes. “Unsurprisingly, the iPhone X is even better than previous iPhone models at recording 4K video. In most cases, it’s able to deliver an experience on par with the GH5, although the GH5 will offer more detail when zooming in, and will record better video in low-light conditions than the iPhone X.”

Smith writes, “The iPhone X may not have the same sensor and lens as the GH5, but it’s still able to deliver a 4K video experience on par with DSLR/mirrorless cameras in most cases, and even exceed expectations…”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s really amazing what iPhone X packs inside its small case! And, after years of iPhone Plus models, it’s nice to be able to sit down with iPhones in our front jeans pockets again!