Apple debuts new TV commercial: ‘8 things to love about iPhone 8’

Apple has debuted a new television/web commercial entitled, “8 things to love about iPhone 8.”

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus by the numbers. A new, durable glass design. Portrait Lighting on iPhone 8 Plus. Wireless charging. A11 Bionic, the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone. Even better cameras. Water resistant. New Retina HD display. Augmented reality.

The music is the spot is “Namesake” by Tunde Olaniran.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: A good, concise general overview of the many features and benefits of owning an iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

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    1. they should make it that when the phone is put down we realize the dinosaur is actually the person’s boss. A AR program that automatically makes your boss look like a dinosaur and have words like “I’m a power hungry idiot … ” randomly appear.
      We’ll call it the Dilbert program.

    2. Yes, the AR segment could have been handled better. Not wild about the woman model in the portrait mode segment, looked a bit scary. But all in all a very effective ad in a short amount of time, probably a B+ …

      1. There were two women in that segment.. one who looked like me thirty years ago (surrounded by vanishing studio lighting) and a brunette who overdid the lip-plumping in her audition for the next Steven King film.

  1. the ad is not perfect but I won’t complain too much as it’s one of the few that actually covers a bunch of competitive features of the iPhone vs the ‘lifestyle’ or ‘camera’ which they’ve been running previously. They ran very many ‘take photos’ with iPhone ads over the last few years (and almost nothing else which I complained about) . Although the camera is probably the No.1 feature for general consumers many android users I’ve met etc have said to me “but my camera ALSO takes pictures’ , so featuring other stand outs in the iPhone is good.

    Apple is sticking fiercely to positive advertising with no attack moves (like sticking it to android about malware, slow updates, many NEW phones being loaded with older Android versions , poorer apps due to fractionalized market base, slow as molasses ‘interface overlays’ by OEMS to differentiate their phones, run -around -tech support between Google and OEMS for problems, BAD RESALE values etc etc).

    Perhaps positive advertising is a good thing (?) as it keeps a certain ‘apple feeling’? (Personally if not TV ads, in more targeted web and print ads I would Stick it to ’em but that’s just nasty me. LOL. )

    (ex-graphics marketing dude, aapl investor, apple product fan. )

    1. I could see a feature positive ad parallel construction to the “8” ad comparing Apple below away features to Samsung flagship phone highlighting the blazing chip speed of fusion, camera specs, etc. done tastefully and factually …

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