India offers tax concessions to Apple to expand production

“India has offered to allow Apple Inc. to import mobile handset components intended for use in local manufacturing tax free, a top government official said on Tuesday,” Manoj Kumar reports for Reuters. “The tax concessions will be subject to the condition of increasing local value addition over a period of time.”

“Cupertino, California-based Apple last week started making iPhone SE at its Taiwanese contract manufacturer Wistron’s plant in Bengaluru,” Kumar reports. “Among a set of tax concessions, Apple had initially sought a 15-years tax holiday for all components that it would import for setting up a manufacturing facility in India.”

“A panel of ministries rejected that demand and has offered a phased program to increase the share of local production in the manufacturing, Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary at the Ministry of Electronics and IT said. ‘We have offered them tax exemptions on those components which could not be manufactured in India,’ Sundararajan told Reuters, adding that local manufacturing component would have to be increased gradually,” Kumar reports. “Apple has agreed to increase local share in production over a period of time, but there was a difference between the plans of the two sides, she said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Getting closer.

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    1. bull…it’s making money welcome. When the President gets that 15% corporate and business tax in our country.

      you’re goddamned idiot…but I bet if you lived near a state border and the state you lived in had a 12% sales tax and the border state had a 4%…you’d be laying rubber in your Prius to buy in the border state.

      1. So you don’t believe in the adage, you get what you pay for? Some of us actually like to spread prosperity in the communities we live.

        Reading your bullshit over the years proves that you want New York City infrastructure on a Bhopal budget — with your insulated bubble protected by a hideous deficit-bloating oversized military paid for by your great grandchildren.

        I thought Mac owners were more interested in wise investment versus being cheap and selfish.

        1. Well, normally I’d tell you to keep talking…but let’s review:
          • The Presidency
          • The Senate
          • The House
          • The Supreme Court
          • The Governorships
          • The State Houses

          …except there’s nothing else left for you to blather about. You are yet another denizen of the impotent basket of irrelevants.

        2. What other authoritarian regimes can claim the same thing?

          We know how little regard you have for democracy and government transparency, you spittling dimwit.

        3. Except they often are, and become more authoritarian by degrees when the power-mad executive realizes that nobody is willing to stick his neck out to stop the madness and restore proper checks and balances.

          You are truly off your rocker, botty. Always a brainless cheerleader for your partisan faction, never caring about anyone else.

        4. Look, stupid, ALL elected levels of government have totally rejected your marxist ideology…go run for mayor of Caracas, that’s where you belong.

        5. Hey dumbass botvinnik — there’s a difference between crony capitalism and marxism. Not that you would understand the difference.

          Did you even read the article? Apple went into India demanding 15 years of ZERO taxation on component imports into India. How exactly is a municipality supposed to pay for necessary infrastructure improvements and maintenance for 15 years while the foreign megacorporation pays nothing? Well they go into debt or hike taxes on the local population, which brings assholes like you out of the woodwork to whine about how inefficient and evil government is. I assume India worked out a better deal — you would think the cheap labor would be more than adequate for Apple to expand without asking for special tax treatment.

          Get a clue, moron.

  1. God help us all if Apple ever starts manufacturing components or anything else in India! India has many charms, but manufacturing expertise is not one of them. Made in India means slipshod production all the way.

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