Apple to start making iPhones in India within 4-6 weeks

“Apple Inc. will soon start assembling iPhones in India for the first time, say government officials familiar with its plans, boosting the company’s chances of gaining a foothold in the fast-growing market,” Rajesh Roy and Newley Purnell report for The Wall Street Journal. “”

“Taiwanese contract manufacturer Wistron Corp. will likely start making iPhone 6 and 6S models here in the next four-to-six weeks at its plant in Bangalore, said an official of the southern state of Karnataka where the tech hub is located,” Roy and Purnell report. “It will add Apple’s cheapest iPhone model, the SE, to its assembly line in about three months, the official said.”

“Making the phones in India would allow Apple to lower prices by at least $100 as its import tariff bill comes down, said Faisal Kawoosa, an analyst at research firm CMR,” Roy and Purnell report. “Apple had sought tax concessions on the import of key components but the Indian government hasn’t yet “accepted most of the demands of the iPhone manufacturer,” Trade Minister Nirmala Sitharaman told lawmakers in a written submission to Parliament on Wednesday.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we quoted Yogi Berra yesterday:

It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

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    1. And why, pray tell, is it our responsibility, rather than those own countries government’s or business leader’s duty to provide jobs when so many in our own county are desperate to go to work? I don’t know you and I won’t presume to judge, but your comment smacks of someone that has never been in that predicament. If you honestly believe that corporations are ‘humanitarian’ I would love to have some of what you are smoking. I don’t care to live in your bubble, though, thanks.

      1. Perhaps Road Warrior should have spun what he said and gave props to India’s government for standing up to Apple’s demands and forcing the creation of jobs from the same then.

    2. I’m a little confused. I’m happy that Apple can help find jobs for people of the world. That seems to be pissing you off and you are spouting on about your country, your jobs, your government but I don’t know of any that are not part of the world, so please elucidate me and tell me what country you are talking about and what planet it’s from.

      I don’t believe that corporations are necessarily humanitarian, I believe that Apple is.

      My bubble is planet, feel free to not live on it at any time.

  1. Why would you tax components coming into a country where the end goal is to manufacture the actual finished product and then finally VAT tax the finished item for sale? On top of employing Indian citizens who also pay taxes. Tax on tax on tax in an endless loop seems to be every government’s goal.

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