Apple is working on several AR products, including glasses, but first in iPhone, sources say

“Investors impatient for Apple’s next breakthrough will be happy to know that Cook is very serious about AR,” Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg. “People with knowledge of the company’s plans say Apple has embarked on an ambitious bid to bring the technology to the masses—an effort Cook and his team see as the best way for the company to dominate the next generation of gadgetry and keep people wedded to its ecosystem.”

“Apple has built a team combining the strengths of its hardware and software veterans with the expertise of talented outsiders, say the people, who requested anonymity to discuss internal strategy,” Gurman reports. “Run by a former Dolby Laboratories executive, the group includes engineers who worked on the Oculus and HoloLens virtual reality headsets sold by Facebook and Microsoft as well as digital-effects wizards from Hollywood. Apple has also acquired several small firms with knowledge of AR hardware, 3D gaming and virtual reality software.”

“As previously reported by Bloomberg, Apple is working on several AR products, including digital spectacles that could connect wirelessly to an iPhone and beam content—movies, maps and more—to the wearer,” Gurman reports. “While the glasses are a ways off, AR features could show up in the iPhone sooner.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, we’ll begin to see some of the fruit of Apple’s labor as soon as iOS 11’s unveiling in June at WWDC 2017!

As for the glasses, as we wrote back in January: S”tylish eyewear that actually delivers useful data to wearers is potentially a huge market and Apple is exactly the company to deliver just such a wearable.”

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  1. I freemen care less what Apple is working on ! They should first fix all thr Lemons with a faulty bad batteries that they sold us MacBook Pro with a life time of 4-5 hours if you lucky . I care less . I am so frustrated at Tim Crooks that he acts that nothing had happened with the MBP battery. If it was Steve Jobs this issue would have been resolved a long time ago and he would have pulled the 3 models off the shelves but atom zcrooks is a Jerk I will not feel bad if he gets fired by the board of directors one day .
    I bought last week an iphone 7 with a leather case where it going back return to Apple .
    Apple turns to be a very untrusted place we should all go back to Microsoft to greates bill gates the legend and not to a person like Tim Crooks support Microfost cause hhis foundation helps the world where he pay amillions of Dollars helping the poor and others .What Apple does is just ripping off people and not creating any jobs in the USA , here Crooks is pulling Billions to china for 2 researches why not in the USA
    I HOPE THAT DONALD TRUMP WILL HICKE A TAX ON SPPLE IMPORTS OF AT least %75 so people will stop buying any Apple products . Well tel you what Apple sucks and one day you will see Apple down shutting off there doors as they have people like Tim Crooks running this company crooked very dishonest company .Yes Tim read this I would like to hear from you

  2. Once there was a time when such reports might trigger the imagination. Now all I can say is, “Whatever.” People who are waiting for the next big thing need to look at two aspects of any new tech and compare it to the situation of the iPhone when it was introduced.

    I.e. Do people use such technology on a wide scale now, and are they happy with it?

    When the iPhone was introduced, everyone had mobile phones and everyone wanted better devices than were being offered. Most phones barely synced your contacts and calendar. Blackberry was king of the roost. It was pretty bleak. Then can the iPhone. Handheld supercomputer with a phone as an app. Boom. Nailed it.

    AR? Meh. It might catch on. Probably not. I’ve yet to experience a day wishing for better AR.

    Interestingly there is a widespread technology that people are clamoring for more and better versions of and that is conventional personal computers. I.e. Better Macs. Yet Apple is working on AR.

    So all I can say is pile it in the “whatever” stack.

    1. Previous article in today’s MDN list: services rev is greater than Mac. That’s BIG news and AR, if TC is as serious about it as reported, should be/will be another substantial rev bucket. $100 bucks that Mac releases will surprise…they haven’t been forgotten.

  3. How about fixing your mac lineup before going to useless and pointless projects?

    Tim Cook needs to be booted out of Apple. Steve would be rolling in his grave if he could see what the wannabe-Steve has done to Apple.

      1. Really, try to keep up. Maybe research before you type your rubbish. You sound like an idiot.

        “Over the years they had discussed, in an offhand manner, where they might like their ashes to be scattered,” according to the book. “But on that Monday (two days before his death) he declared that he did not like the idea of his body being cremated. He wanted to be buried in the cemetery near his parents.”

  4. Apple team: “Oh, what about upgrading the Mac? Sure sure, we’ll get back to improving the Mac line just as soon as we move to the new HQ and complete the other 3,071 more fun items in queue in front of it. Well, assuming nothing else comes up naturally.”

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