“I believe Apple’s next big iPhone release is going to feature augmented reality technology,” Tom Mainelli writes for Tech.pinions.

“Obviously, nobody at Apple has said anything about such a product. But the now shipping iPhone 7 Plus, complete with dual-camera technology, is the latest hint Apple is moving in THAT direction,” Mainelli writes. “This, along with several high-profile company purchases—Metaio in 2015 and PrimeSense in 2013—point to this technology eventually appearing in products. One more thing: Apple CEO Tim Cook can’t stop talking about how big an opportunity augmented reality represents.”

Mainelli writes, “My bet is, when Apple heads toward its next big hardware revision, we’ll see an iPhone (and maybe an iPad Pro) with AR capabilities.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Given the success of such AR apps as Pokémon GO, we fully expect Apple to investigate the potential of augmented reality which has been so promising for so many years (think apps like Layar which we first tried on our iPhones back in October 2009) yet not fully realized to date.

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