1. The untapped potential of two cameras is depth info. Sure, they are using this for some smarter image filters now, but with depth info, you can have characters be obscured by objects, map textures onto surfaces, etc. With knowledge of the world in 3D, AR becomes much more exciting. Not to mention 3D videos and photos at some point. Go Apple!

  2. I’m sure this person doesn’t have a clue about Apple’s plans for the next iPhone.

    I believe augmented reality is more useful to me than virtual reality. To be able to look at a sign in a foreign language and have it shown in English would be great. Or looking at a building and having information about it being shown. That would be nice.

  3. Apple has already perfected augmented reality. Every person in public, whether in a restaurant, walking down the street, attending a show (every audience watches the concert through their iPhones as they record it)… while on public transportation (even while operating private transportation!) the world is on their iPhones.

    What more do you want? Is it even possible to use your iPhone more than you do now? Without somehow getting you to look at it while you are sleeping, there just aren’t many more hours in the day for Apple to work with!

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