“Before there ever was a Project Glass from Google, there was Apple’s Glass Project in the form of a patent application filed in late 2006, published in 2008 and granted in 2009,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Apple’s Glass Project seemed to have fallen off the grid until July 2012 when a new patent application laid out some new parameters for their future glasses. The new glasses were being designed to work with augmented reality but more importantly, they were being designed with telephonic capabilities in mind,” Purcher reports. “In one of the new patent reports that we posted yesterday, we pointed to Apple describing future video glasses that would integrate hidden audio sensors within the glass or frame to enhance voice commands capabilities.”

Purcher reports, “Little did we know that the best data was yet to come. Late last night, Patently Apple discovered a powerful new patent application that details some rather interesting features that Apple is considering for a future headset. Perhaps that Glass War that we described last month is going to be a lot more interesting than we initially thought… After drilling down further into the patent filing, there it was – true insights into Apple’s secret Glass Project. The project appears to have been secret enough that only one Apple executive is noted as being the inventor. His name is Christopher Sanders, Apple’s current Design Lead.”

Much more, including Apple’s patent application diagrams, in the full article here.