The success of Airpods could add $10 billion to Apple’s market cap

“Apple‘s new wireless headphones, the Airpods, went on sale towards the end of 2016,” Trefis Team writes for Forbes. “While the buzz surrounding the product launch was relatively subdued, given the limited availability, Airpods appear to be one of Apple’s most compelling products launched in the Tim Cook era, garnering very positive reviews from both critics and consumers”

“Airpods offer a seamless pairing process, the ability to access Apple’s digital assistant Siri, in addition to providing longer wireless range when paired with Apple devices,” Trefis writes. “This ecosystem effect, coupled with Apple’s recent move to do away with the headphone jack on its latest iPhone 7 handsets, should make Airpods fairly easy to cross-sell to iPhone customers.”

“We estimate that Apple should be able to ship roughly 22 million Airpods in its first full year of sales, assuming an attach rate of 10% with the iPhone,” Trefis writes. “Assuming an ASP of $140, this would translate into revenues of roughly $3.1 billion in calendar year 2017.”

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  1. “… garnering very positive reviews from both critics and consumers” What I’ve read across many different sources are mixed reviews, absolutely not “very positive reviews”. Most reported the devices overall are good but most reported issues with the touch interface and several reported issues with sound.

    And yes, another stock market/bean counter article re-posted here by MDN. Is there any wonder why the bean counters are in charge at Apple?

      1. You’re right. Apple doesn’t need saving. The problem is Apple is wildly successful with minimal effort. As Apple moves gracefully into becoming the 21st century SONY, many of us feel forgotten. I can’t blame Apple, they’re clearly following Steve’s direction, and being financially rewarded for it. People should stop picking on Cook for what he’s done to Apple. They’re doing well at the very least.

        On the other hand, as I sit here struggling with OS X Server Calendar and MacOS Calendar client problems, and I mean ANCIENT problems, I can’t help but wonder where I go from here. I’m hesitant to say to clients Apple is the company to base your business on these days.

        I guess we can only just wait and see.

        Change sucks.

      1. Early ordering bird gets the Airpod worm. I got an initial shipping date of Dec. 29th but Apple got them in my hands on Dec. 22nd. They were a Christmas gift, so, yay!

  2. Forget AirPods. Wall Street is totally enchanted by Amazon’s game-changing Echo. Besides, weren’t AirPods supposed to be totally silly-looking.

    I’m just pointing out how the AirPods were being considered by the tech critics, a failure from the very start.

    1. We’re currently marking ten years since the iPhone was widely declared to be a failure.

      Some things never change. Apple keeps on producing ‘failures’ which somehow seem to sell in vastly greater numbers than the devices lauded by those very people who denounce Apple’s products.

  3. Love my AirPods. Ordered online and received them early. Later walked into an Apple Store and bought two more pair for family, a delivery just occurred. The store representative said they sell out immediately after arrival, though none really on display. A “hit” is an understatement.

  4. Got mine on 12/19 I think. I use them all the time. I tried to buy a 2nd pair after Christmas at an Apple Store, but they didn’t have any in stock. Last time I checked, on-line lead time was 6 weeks. I’ve had zero issues with them. They’re great.

  5. I was not planning on getting AirPods. But the positive comments here are convincing me otherwise. It’s not like I “need” them or anything. It’s just making me “want” them.

    1. I didn’t think I needed AirPods either, but I wanted something to use during workouts instead of my $1000 Westone W60s. After weeks of using them, the AirPods are my go-to earphones. The sound is so damned satisfying, and add to that the comfort factor….I can sleep with these things in my ears! Granted, the Siri interface can use some enhancements, but they work as advertised. AirPods are one of the most exciting products I’ve seen from Apple in recent years.

  6. I’ve had mine on order and delivery is still three weeks away. Obviously, the AirPods are in demand. I’m listening to music all day in my home office and around the house, usually through bluetooth headphones, but they hurt the ears after several hours. All reports are, except for the audio, you forget the AirPods are even in at all despite hours of listening. I’m on conference calls usually once a day, as well. Voice quality is said to be excellent with the AirPods. There’s a lot to like about these new buds, and this is only Version 1. If Apple can add some additional ‘tap’ controls over time, and you don’t always have to rely on Siri, that would welcome.

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