iPhone SE unlikely to receive refresh in early 2017

“Apple will not refresh the iPhone SE in the first half of 2017, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo,” Husain Sumra reports for MacRumors. “The lack of refresh comes as Apple attempts to maintain high margins on its high-end iPhone models, Kuo said in a new research note.”

“Kuo believes Apple will exert pressure on its iPhone component makers to drop prices in an effort to maintain its margins,” Sumra reports. “He expects suppliers to begin price reductions on components in either November or December of this year.”

“Apple introduced the iPhone SE in March 2016, packing in many of the iPhone 6s’ features and component into a 4-inch frame similar to that of the iPhone 5s,” Sumra reports. “It’s unclear what kind of upgrade schedule Apple will adopt for the device, but it’s internals are powerful enough to remain a capable phone for a couple of years.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone SE will be perfectly fine for its target market at through to next September when the next-gen iPhone arrives and kicks off another super cycle (and sets up 2018 to be the sequel to 2016’s “Year of the Tough Compare.”)

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  1. 2018 (1st half). Two-year run makes sense for iPhone SE. And it comes with processor used in latest iPhone from 2017 (2nd half). I also think iPod touch should “mirror” iPhone SE (for release schedule), as the “4-inch iPad” AKA “iPhone SE without the phone parts,” and share common internal components.

  2. “Our goal isn’t to make money. Our goal absolutely at Apple is not to make money. This may sound a little flippant, but it’s the truth,” said the British designer [Sir Jonathan Ive]. “Our goal and what gets us excited is to try to make great products. We trust that if we are successful people will like them, and if we are operationally competent we will make revenue, but we are very clear about our goal.”


    That was four years ago. Something has changed.

    1. ““Our goal isn’t to make money.”

      Says Jony.

      No, our goal is to make everything wafer thin, eliminate ports and give adapters away for free.

      Yeah, right.

      Apple owner since my Lisa …

  3. OK! I’ll keep my 5S for a little while yet.
    The SE is the best format at this point. If I need Apple Pay, I’ll later on buy the actual SE which is not that bad…

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