“Augmented reality (AR) has played prominently in nearly all of Apple’s events since iOS 11 was introduced, Tim Cook has said he believes it will be as revolutionary as the smartphone itself, and AR was Apple’s biggest focus in sessions with developers at WWDC this year,” Samuel Axon reports for Ars Technica.

“But why? Most users don’t think the killer app for AR has arrived yet—unless you count Pokémon Go,” Axon reports. “The use cases so far are cool, but they’re not necessary and they’re arguably a lot less cool on an iPhone or iPad screen than they would be if you had glasses or contacts that did the same things.”

“Apple has achieved its biggest past successes by entering wild west markets where mature products were not yet present. Smartphones, tablets, and computers are mature markets. Apple needs a major new product category in which to get ahead of the ball. Tim Cook and other Apple executives seem to have picked AR as one of the best bets for that,” Axon reports. “We’ve seen reports that Apple is working on AR glasses internally. If the experiments pan out, it would be quite a few years off—Cook himself said we’ve a long way to go in a recent interview—but the technology will mature eventually. If Apple launches the first mainstream-viable version of that product, and if AR is as revolutionary as it hopes, it could be another watershed moment like the first iPhone. That’s one reason why Apple has started now—the more work on its AR platform happens before that time, the better the hand the company will hold.”

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