After meeting with President Trump, Foxconn’s Terry Gou to visit Wisconsin

“Foxconn billionaire chairman Terry Gou has met United States President Donald Trump, saying he would still seek US support for Taiwan should he become the self-ruled island’s president. The fledgling politician has said he will run for the pro-Beijing Kuomintang opposition party in Taiwan, which Beijing regards as a breakaway province, to be taken back by force, if necessary,” Teddy Ng reports for The South China Morning Post. “Gou said he told Trump in their meeting on Thursday that he was running for Taiwan’s presidency, and Trump replied, ‘It’s a tough job.'”

“Gou entered the White House wearing a hat decorated with the flags of Taiwan and the United States,” Ng reports. “He left with a coaster from Trump’s desk, signed by the US president.”

“Gou will visit Wisconsin on Friday, where Foxconn had earlier committed to building a US$10 billion display screen manufacturing facility, expected to employ about 13,000 people,” Ng reports. “Gou announced his decision to run for Taiwan’s presidency two weeks ago, challenging the incumbent Tsai Ing-wen.”

“No details have been given on Gou’s itinerary in Wisconsin,” Ng reports. “Foxconn said in a statement on Tuesday that it ‘regularly engages with its stakeholders in state and federal government.’ Foxconn also said details of such interactions would not be disclosed for privacy reasons.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Again, after what seemed like some considerable waffling, hopefully Foxconn will prove they are committed to their promised investment in Wisconsin.

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  1. A signed coaster. Wow, classy. Only thing better would have been a bona-fide ‘Made in China’ MAGA hat.

    Wisconsin is going to get screwed…promises promises.

      1. What percentage of Official hats were sold compared to the Unofficial ones? Not fake news if many/most hypocrites wearing the hats chose cheap knockoffs.

      2. TowerTone, before you accuse please try to improve your deteriorating reading comprehension skills. I said the only thing better…I did not say they were made. However, the bulk of Trump’s ‘stuff’ is indeed made overseas, from China to Bangladesh. Numerous credible studies are out there. Not everything out there is fake news unless it comes from Fox and Friends.
        You never used to have had your head up your ass like this. What is it about Trump that made you change?

        1. “A signed coaster. Wow, classy. Only thing better would have been a bona-fide ‘Made in China’ MAGA hat.”

          Does that not imply the White House would be passing out Chinese made hats? Did I miss the joke somewhere?

          And it’s not Trump that ‘gets my goat’, it’s the “Get Trump at any cost” attitude the Democrats and many of the media have adopted.

          This ploy used to work against most Republicans, but a huuuuge part of the reason Trump got elected was because many on the right are sick of this status quo and liked how he bucked the trend.

          And before you call the kettle black, you’ve manage to have many post recently that were just silly leftist talking points,
          and that’s a shame.

  2. If Apple (itself) would spend 18 billion a year in three parts of the world China, America, and Europe a total of 300,000 workers @ 60,000 a year average pay plus benefits and build Apple devices. Instead of flushing that money down the stock buyback hole, job done.

    1. Cook, like all corporate executives, sees his primary goal is to goose the stock price. Not coincidentally, that also results in maximizing his personal enrichment. That is what modern oligarchy is all about. Offering class leading products across the board or delighting users is an afterthought to beancounter Cook. He’s decided that media middleman — the next global Comcast — is what Apple should be.

    2. And what, exactly, would those 300,000 workers do? In business, you hire the people you need, not hand out jobs out of the goodness of your heart. Unless you’re a socialist, then… have at it.

      1. What goodness and what heart? Apple in the long run has to make devices in many places not just one (copy-cat China). What is Apple going to do when those companies who copy even more than Samsung start selling hard in the west? Take them to court? How when they have you by the balls (China). Wall Street loves short term buybacks which is money down the drain.

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