Super Micro ditching ‘made-in-China’ parts despite no evidence of Bloomberg Businessweek’s spy chip claims

“Super Micro Computer, the California-based server maker at the heart of spy chip allegations last autumn, has told suppliers to move production out of China to address U.S. customers’ concerns about cyber espionage risks, according to industry sources familiar with the matter,” Nikkei Asian Review reports.

“Super Micro, the world’s third-largest server maker by shipments after HP and Dell, has strongly denied allegations made last October that its Chinese made motherboards had been implanted with malignant chips to hack big tech customers such as Apple and Amazon,” Nikkei reports. “Independent testing showed no evidence of the claims made by Bloomberg Businessweek, the group has said.”

“Nevertheless, U.S. customers and especially government-related clients have asked Super Micro not to supply them with motherboards made in China because of security concerns, according to one company executive,” Nikkei reports. “Super Micro is not alone in responding to concerns over Chinese made motherboards in data centers and servers. In 2017 roughly 90% of the motherboards used in the 13.9 million servers shipped worldwide were made in China. Last year that had dropped to less than 50% of motherboards used in the global total of 15.2 million, according to Digitimes Research, a tech supply chain specialist.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Again, in the absense of any proof, Bloomberg Businessweek should retract their report.

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  1. This is all about allaying their customers fears thanks to Bloombergs flawed reporting.
    They really dropped the ball, its embarrassing that they haven’t been punished for it especially as Super Micro is still dealing with the fallout.
    What’s worst is they further undermined the little bit of trust we have left in the press and turned up the volume on accusations of fake news.

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