Tests of Super Micro equipment find no malicious chips in current or older-model motherboards

“Computer hardware maker Super Micro Computer Inc told customers on Tuesday that an outside investigations firm had found no evidence of any malicious hardware in its current or older-model motherboards,” Joseph Menn reports for Reuters.

“In a letter to customers, the San Jose, California, company said it was not surprised by the result of the review it commissioned in October after a Bloomberg article reported that spies for the Chinese government had tainted Super Micro equipment to eavesdrop on its clients,” Menn reports. “A person familiar with the analysis told Reuters it had been conducted by global firm Nardello & Co.”

“Nardello tested samples of motherboards in current production and versions that were sold to Apple Inc and Amazon.com Inc, which were both named in the [Bloomberg] article, the person said,” Menn reports. “He said the company was still reviewing its legal options.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bloomberg Businessweek should retract their report.

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  1. While I don’t have a reason to not believe the results, there is the taint of Impropriety by having supermicros higher it’s on third-party investigators. It be the same as having Volkswagen hire a third-party emissions testers.
    It would’ve been better to have Apple and Amazon hire their own third-party firms.

    1. Surely if one is cynical they would all want to ‘not’ find any such evidence so if you can’t trust an independent tester then not sure why who is employing them would make a significant diference to the apparent reliability of the report. Either this company is independent or it isn’t.

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