Apple-supplier Foxconn ‘still committed’ to 13,000 Wisconsin jobs, despite governor’s doubts

“Foxconn apparently still has big plans for Wisconsin, even though the state’s governor is skeptical,” Carrie Mihalcik reports for CNET. “[Foxconn] remains committed to building a factory and research facility in the state. ‘Foxconn’s commitment to job creation in Wisconsin remains long term and will span over the length of the WEDC (Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation) contract and beyond,’ said Foxconn Technology Group in an emailed statement.”

“Foxconn said in 2017 that the $10 billion facility would make LCD displays and employ up to 13,000 people, but reports earlier this year suggested the company was scaling back its plans,” Mihalcik reports. “On Wednesday, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers said that the project would likely be much smaller than originally planned and that it’s “unrealistic” to expect Foxconn to hire 13,000 people.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, after what seemed like some considerable waffling, Foxconn really is committed to Wisconsin.

Hey, TGIF!

Cherished interns, Tap That Keg™!

Hoist, everyone! Cheers!

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        1. Yep, Dingle’s old Gonads (DoG) are waving in the wind on this one. His leftist, progressive ways are something he’s openly admitted to. Sucks to be a leftist, and as Dingle proves with his title, an attention seeker.

          John Dingler, attention seeker.

          John Dingler, has to tell you he’s an artist because otherwise no one would know or care

          John Dingler, many tines self-admitted progressive leftist commie

          John Dingler, please do not support this America, freedom-hater via his art.

  1. vhether trump wins a second term next year or not, the numbers about America’s future are pretty clear. It’s not going to be more white, more male, more bound to the traditional power centers. Demographics aren’t destiny, which would seem to be bad news in the long term both for Trump-style politics and for a rich white man who is literally the scion of America’s great political dynasty, not yet 40 and betting on there still being time for a big political future past this year.

      1. hell0 took a poll of his gated privileged community and decided that barricaded white enclaves are the future. As long as a white guy is the figurehead, he will be happy. Sounds like feudalism to me. He’s clearly ignorant of demographics and economic tides, which easily flow over any manmade walls.

        1. Isolationists who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. How ironic the Asians are invited with incentives to come into the USA if you’re an Apple supplier but if you’re just a kid, potential future Apple employee, you’re locked in a desert gulag by US authorities.

          Ghengis Khan had no difficulty razing walls intended to keep invaders out. The only things that turned him back from conquering all of the Eurasian continent was diplomacy and a pretty bad Mongolian health care policy.

          The obese undereducated USA would be wise to clean up its health otherwise there won’t be anyone fit to defend the Alamo.

          Offering welfare to foreign corporations hollows out the supposedly superior culture that the USA faster than offering sanctuary to true refugees (some are true refugees you know) with Christian values. Fresh blood makes a nation stronger than poorly manned Alamos and Great Walls. Lightly defended borders with dynamic economic and diplomatic engagement has worked better for the USA better than any other nation’s hard line. History is very clear on that. Haven’t heard any reason yet why rich corporations are welcomed while honest low and middle class workers (which the USA needs badly) are not. Rich white guys exploiting good old ‘mercan xenophobia to vote for handouts to the rich in exchange for the promise of trickledown jobs only for native born workers— jobs that never come as promised? Oh when have we ever seen that before?

          1. What the Hell is your pointless point?
            You ramble on using opinions as facts and think anyone gives a shit??

            Try putting the bong down instead of America…

  2. “despite governor’s doubts”
    The Governor and anyone with half a brain. I’m not sure what Foxconn gets out of this, but they’ve done the same thing in several other countries, claim an intent to open a plant, then they don’t.

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