“President Donald Trump on Thursday said his demands for ‘fair and reciprocal trade’ are a response to past policies that have allowed other countries to take advantage of the United States,” Lauren Zumbach reports for The Chicago Tribune. “Trump spoke after turning over dirt at a groundbreaking ceremony for Foxconn Technology Group’s planned $10 billion manufacturing complex in the southeastern Wisconsin town of Mount Pleasant.”

“While Trump praised the Taiwanese electronics giant’s plans for a factory that will produce liquid crystal displays as ‘the eighth wonder of the world,’ he had less-kind words for another manufacturer, located just 25 miles north: Harley-Davidson. Earlier this week, the Milwaukee-based motorcycle-maker said it plans to shift some production overseas, a decision it attributed to the consequences of the president’s trade policies,” Zumbach reports. “‘Please build those beautiful motorcycles here in the USA again. Don’t get cute with us,’ Trump said, warning, ‘Your customers won’t be happy if you don’t.'”

“Trump pointed to Foxconn as an example of the ‘exciting manufacturing story playing out across the country.’ Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, meanwhile, touted its potential to make Wisconsin a ‘brain gain state, not a brain drain state,'” Zumbach reports. “Foxconn founder and Chairman Terry Gou issued a warning of his own to America’s traditional tech centers. ‘To Silicon Valley, to Boston, ‘Wisconn Valley’ is coming,’ Gou said.”

“The groundbreaking ceremony came about 11 months after Trump and Gou announced plans for a LCD panel manufacturing facility in southern Wisconsin in an event at the White House,” Zumbach reports. “Backers see the Foxconn project as a can’t-miss opportunity to transform the region’s economy and build an advanced manufacturing hub around the 22 million-square-foot campus. The plant could eventually employ 13,000 workers, some of whom will likely cross the state line from northern Illinois.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hey, make a bunch of those new, forthcoming Apple pro displays there, too!

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