“Apple has submitted a notice to the US Foreign Trade Zones Board, signaling its intent to vastly expand manufacturing capabilities at its Mesa, Arizona facility, where it already produces components for its computer systems,” Matthew Hughes reports for TNW. “If everything happens to plan, it’ll see Apple produce finished products within the United States, rather than just individual components. Apple will also be able to take advantage of rules allowing it to import components from overseas – like batteries, printed circuit boards, and so on – without paying any taxes or duties, or at the very least, paying a reduced rate.”

“The status of US manufacturing was a huge issue in the last election cycle, with President-elect Donald Trump winning big in states that have seen the biggest declines in the secondary sector,” Hughes reports. “Trump himself has gone on the record and said that one of the biggest achievements of his premiership would be for Apple to expand its manufacturing base in the United States.”

Hughes reports, “Apple’s plans for its Mesa, Arizona facility are, therefore, a huge coup for the President-elect.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good to see Apple continuing to invest in Mesa after the GT Advanced sapphire plant debacle.

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