With President Trump soon to take office, Apple looks to boost its ‘Made in America’ credentials

“Apple has submitted a notice to the US Foreign Trade Zones Board, signaling its intent to vastly expand manufacturing capabilities at its Mesa, Arizona facility, where it already produces components for its computer systems,” Matthew Hughes reports for TNW. “If everything happens to plan, it’ll see Apple produce finished products within the United States, rather than just individual components. Apple will also be able to take advantage of rules allowing it to import components from overseas – like batteries, printed circuit boards, and so on – without paying any taxes or duties, or at the very least, paying a reduced rate.”

“The status of US manufacturing was a huge issue in the last election cycle, with President-elect Donald Trump winning big in states that have seen the biggest declines in the secondary sector,” Hughes reports. “Trump himself has gone on the record and said that one of the biggest achievements of his premiership would be for Apple to expand its manufacturing base in the United States.”

Hughes reports, “Apple’s plans for its Mesa, Arizona facility are, therefore, a huge coup for the President-elect.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good to see Apple continuing to invest in Mesa after the GT Advanced sapphire plant debacle.

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  1. So why wasn’t Apple doing this under the previous administration? Are conditions now that much more immediately favorable? What was keeping Democrats from encouraging business likewise? (Or were they too busy instituting oppressive taxes, tariffs and draconian regulations?) Whatever your politics Trump seems to be immediately motivating business to stay or return here in the States. Be interesting to see if it lasts.

      1. Yea. You’re an idiot. Now that we have a real traitor as President you’ll see what someone who only cares about himself does to America. I’m starting a class on Russian language because it’s obvious that’s what Trump is about to do.

    1. Apple were known to be planning this more than a year ago. It has nothing to do with the employment policies of either the existing administration or the incoming one.

      If there is any connection with the government, this move is a countermeasure to the belief that the FBI have previously appeared to tamper with server hardware being brought into the country.

      1. Apple’s application to make servers for their server farms at that plant has EVERYTHING to do with Trump.

        Apple and other companies would not be looking for every way possible to preserve/create jobs in the U.S. without the triumphant election of Donald Trump to the presidency coupled with the voters granting the GOP control of the Senate and the House (not to mention setting the table to make the Supreme Court conservative for decades to come).

    1. Tax collection isn’t a partisan issue. Republican congress has had 6 years to decrease your tax rate. Why didn’t they?

      As for Trump, if he follows through on 5% of his campaign promises, he’ll add more to the debt than the prior record holder, GWB. Another republican.

  2. Hughes reports, “Apple’s plans for its Mesa, Arizona facility are, therefore, a huge coup for the President-elect.”

    These plans for Apple to manufacture it’s own server hardware in the US were widely reported in March of 2016 under the name of ‘Project McQueen’ and at that time, it was reported that Apple had already been working on those plans for several months.

    While I have little doubt that some people will try to claim it as a coup for Trump’s policy, Apple’s plans were being developed long before the declarations that Trump made about wanting to bring jobs back to the US.


      1. As I’m not an American, do not live there so have no alignment with any of the US political parties, but I am able to think for myself and can see that events which were being widely discussed a year ago would have been planned long before bringing jobs to the US became a political issue.

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