Apple CEO Tim Cook: U.S.-China trade relationship is much better today than at end of 2018

“In an interview with CNBC’s Josh Lipton, CEO Tim Cook said that Apple’s performance in China had improved over the previous quarter and saw greater strength towards the end of the quarter,” Kif Leswing reports for CNBC. “Cook also said that a sales tax cut had helped decrease the price of Apple products, which had helped.”

“Cook said that the trade relationship between the U.S. and China had improved as well,” Leswing reports. “‘I believe that the trade relationship — I don’t mean the tariff, I mean the tone — is much better today than it was in the November-December time frame. That affects consumer confidence in a positive way,’ Cook said… The improvement in the China region may be one reason for Apple’s strong next-quarter guidance, which was significantly higher than analysts expected.”

“Apple isn’t providing a new installed base figure from its last update of 1.4 billion devices,” Leswing reports, “but Cook did say that it hit an all-time record last quarter across all categories.”

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MacDailyNews Take: All in all, an excellent quarter considering and strong guidance. The only disappointment (slight) was a somewhat weaker than expected dividend raise.

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  1. Please wind down divident allocation becuse a wealthy corp. no longer needs to kow tow to investors who are superfluous anderhs a drag to its operatipn.

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