Group FaceTime bug prevents adding more users to an existing one-on-one call

“Apple’s patch to close an exploit in Group FaceTime is only partially successful, as some users are reporting the service is preventing them from adding more contacts to a FaceTime call that is already in progress, an issue that Apple seemingly knows about,” Malcolm Owen reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple’s iOS update to 12.1.4 largely consisted of a bug fix for a widely-publicized Group FaceTime exploit,” Owen reports. “While the update effectively re-enabled the feature, with iPhone and iPad users able to set up Group FaceTime calls once again, not everything appears to have been solved by the patch.”

“While users can commence both standard two-person FaceTime calls and Group FaceTime calls of three or more people, in some cases it is not possible to switch from a FaceTime call to a Group FaceTime version. In some cases, the option to ‘Add Person’ is not available during a FaceTime call, preventing the addition of more participants to a call,” Owen reports. “A reader of MacRumors has reportedly received a confirmation from Apple Support that it is a known issue, but with no timescale for a fix.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Seems like a somewhat rare situation for most people, fortunately, but it should be ironed out, not put on the back burner indefinitely, as this is obviously suboptimal functionality.

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