Apple’s March 25th event could bring the big bundle that beats Netflix

“It looks as though Apple will hold a special event next month unlike any it’s held in recent memory, according to multiple reports,” Jason Snell writes for Tom’s Guide. “At the center of the stage won’t be new Mac, iPhone, or iPad hardware, but a new collection of subscription services.”

“The rise of streaming services like Netflix and over-the-top TV services like YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, and DirecTV Now suggest that we are in the midst of a shift from traditional cable and satellite TV to a world where all our video entertainment is streamed over the Internet,” Snell writes. “Apple’s plan is to take advantage of that in two ways: by creating its own content and by reselling premium channels offered by others.”

“Apple’s reportedly spent $1 billion or more on TV series and movies over the last year and a half, and next month we are going to get an idea of the scope of its programming plans. Apple can’t become Netflix overnight, but its offerings can probably blow past Starz or Epix and other lower-tier services with ease,” Snell writes. “It’s the addition of the news subscription service that’s convinced me that there has to be a larger story here. Apple’s adding a whole lot of separate subscription services, and I have a hard time believing every single one of them will be sold a la carte. More likely, Apple will create a bundle of services, offering a small discount in order to sell people the entire suite of offerings…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bring on “Apple Prime!”

Apple could make a more compelling “Prime” bundle than even Amazon can offer because their original content sounds like it will be better and Apple Music + Apple News/Texture are unmatched. If they rolled some iCloud storage deal into it, it’d be tough to resist for many, many people!MacDailyNews, February 14, 2019

As soon as Apple launches their original content video service, an “Apple Prime” will make even more sense. — MacDailyNews, August 29, 2018

We’d really like to see a way to pay for all of the Apple services we choose for one price. Give us a bunch of tick boxes and let us choose our combination of iCloud storage, Apple Music, iTunes Match, etc. and let us pay a single price for all of our choices.MacDailyNews, October 17, 2016

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  1. The time for this was 2011 or 2012, when Jobs told us all before he died that he had finally “Cracked the subscription TV code”.

    So instead, Cook waits 8-years to let the competition garner an insurmountable lead, right before announcing that as negligent and irresponsible as he is, investors should trust him and Cue with a streaming service that is assuredly dead on arrival.

    This sounds like a rejected script for a Fox comedy.

      1. @Bobby

        For a company that actually has their shit together, yeah, they might actually have a shot at competing successfully with Netflix. For Pete’s sake though, we’re talking about Cue and Cook. Two of the three stooges.

      2. Apple’s grade-A lineup of Amazing Stories and Carpool Karaoke are really in a good place to compete with Netflix and Amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

        Oh, wait.. no. Probably not.

  2. Big whup. Apple never gives me what I really want, and in the way I want it. Surefire way to keep customers is to constantly disappoint them, especially after years of screwing up royally dong something totally unnecessarily and anti-pro.

          1. Since I didn’t register “Sean”, please note that first comment is zeroloser or some other incessant hateboy.

            It’s easy to tell the difference.
            – zeroloser complains incessantly about Apple and Cook. Sean does not.
            – The real Sean complains OCCASIONALLY about specific Apple fuck-ups, like the castrating of Pages, but writes more against the incessant negativity of pathetic hateboys, trolls and whinylittlebitches.

            Another big sign that it is zeroloser… since he is such a loser with nothing going on in his life, he is able to get first comment an incredible number of times.

            1. @Real Fake Sean

              The only loser here is you. With all your aliases, I’m sure you know a lot about stealing usernames.

              Boo hoo beotch!


            2. Poor zeroloser… stick to your actual name, and take the flack you so richly deserve for your incessant hateboy trolling.

              I guess I’ll go register some name and leave this to zeroloser. But of course, dummy, everything you say reveals who you are.

          2. Bunch of fake posts. Now the fakers are faking people calling out or responding to fakes, and so forth — multi-level forum spam…

            I wrote the MDN about this problem. No response and no action so far. I am not surprised by that. MDN cares a lot more about volume than quality or authenticity, in my experience. The only viable response is to boycott this forum.

  3. Exactly as usual Apple is behind. Netflix as king and there’s no reason to think that will change. my view of any Apple programming is different than MDN and I don’t see much that is compelling.

    1. Apple isn’t in your race. That what people don’t understand. They have a vision and it appears you have bought into it whether you like their vision or not..

            1. I thought you might shut up.
              Still missing that floppy sean? still want that CD drive.

              Apple will leave you behind in a hot second without a thought.

              And in 5 years be a trillion and a half company and Cook will retire with more money than you have brain cells.

        1. I’ll give you a free clue. Apples vision isn’t pro machines. They are only a stepping stone to understanding how to build better CONSUMER devices. Riddle me this, idiot. Which would you rather sell. 10,00 pro machines or 60 million iphones.

          1. @CitizenX

            Answer: Sell 60-million iPhones with ZERO innovation and sky high prices, until the market plateaus and the competition catches up, because I am a clueless CEO who should’ve been fired 7 years ago.

            1. 38 years ago I realized that the vest computer will be the one you won’t see. That is a direct quote.
              You have one in your pocket.

  4. Big whup. Apple never gives me what I really want, and in the way I want it. Surefire way to keep customers is to constantly disappoint them, especially after years of screwing up royally doing something totally unnecessarily and anti-pro. Basically shooting off your own foot.

  5. so many subscription services, so little money, what’s another three or four and why not more twitters and snapchats, SenseNets, facebooks and chinese pantyhose. please tell mr tim i’m so excited i can’t stop yawning. nevermind, i’ll tell him myself. hi tim. yawn

  6. Apple late to home automation = not relevant
    Apple late to the TV streaming = not relevant
    Apple year late to product updates= not relevant. Apple TV is nothing compared to others.
    Apple lost it’s lead in music = Not relevant and now giving apple music away for free.

    How many boats does Apple have to miss before someone ditches pipeline.

  7. Since streaming is hardware agnostic and Apple is now charging strongly into streaming, then this explains Apple’s deplorable, in my opinion, abrogation of its responsibility to update the MacPro and now iMac at least. You can instead use a friggin’ Windows machine. And if you don’t like them, this further explains stupid Cook’s touting iPads more than Macs.

    Let’s review: Cook’s focus on streaming and tablets is making iMac and MacPro obsolete. I hope it ain’t so.

  8. I can imagine Apple becoming a dominant-enough content streaming behemoth that it could very well advise its subscribers without thinking twice to buy a Dell or a Windows tablet just as it advised people to buy an LG monitor. That would be a black day for this Apple enthusiast but not for pure investors.

    As an aside, it’s a sort of honor for an admirer, even if on speed, to be so inspired as to use my handle in a fun way. LOL

  9. Apple Flix, Family, Apple Music, Apple Premium News, 2TB iCloud storage, and iTunes Match, 19.99/month sounds good to me.
    At that point, as long as the Apple Flix content was decent I could cancel Netflix which seems to be more and more a bunch of foreign/SJW shows/films.

  10. Think about this.

    Disney+ has yet to be announced and/or rolled out. What if Apple and Disney already have a partnership in the works? And, this get’s revealed next week?! Could happen!

  11. Just wonderin’….

    Since all their original content is gonna be scraped down to PG (or PG13 I guess) level (which of course limits no creator’s freedom of expression), are they going to bundle channels where strong sentiments get uttered and sensuality sometimes verges into the sexual…??

    I don’t primarily watch R-rated or unrated content, but I resent my media company placing itself in the role of my nanny about what’s “correct” for me to be able to watch.

    And I find it bizarre how much graphic violence makes the cut in American movies and how much threatening speech is countenanced on sites like YouTube and facebook, but gods forbid a boob shows up for a millisecond….

    I also don’t get their censorship when Safari will take you to a world of porn and unbridled hateful prejudice. Image wise I guess I get it, but qualitatively that’s different how exactly….??

    I dunno maybe more a comment on our society, with Apple just reflecting the paradoxes. But while I don’t mind rating systems and parental controls on technology at all, I don’t care for Apple drawing bright lines on drama and speech.

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