How to use the Podcasts app on Apple Watch

“As you would expect from an Apple product, there’s no direct setup required to begin experiencing podcasts on Apple Watch,” Bryan M. Wolfe and Christine Chan write for iMore. “Once the Apple Podcasts app has been installed on both devices, you’re good to go.”

“The only requirements are that you have watchOS 5 or later installed on your Apple Watch and you’ll need to pair Bluetooth headphones or a speaker to your Apple Watch to listen to the podcasts,” Wolfe and Chan write. “Podcasts you’ve saved in the built-in Podcast app automatically move from your iPhone to your Apple Watch when the latter is charging. Once your iPhone recognizes the Apple Watch is connected to power, it will begin transferring the files.”

“You can listen to podcasts from your Apple Watch through Wi-Fi and LTE, depending on the model you own (Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + LTE),” Wolfe and Chan write. “After episodes play, they’re removed from the device automatically.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There must be a significant battery hit to using the Apple Watch’s built-in speaker as Apple really doesn’t use it for long pieces of audio.


  1. Here we are on WatchOS 5 and AW apps are still pretty useless. The cellular version still has issues and it still requires a tethered phone, battery life hasn’t changed, the only thing that has changed significantly is of course the price, so really, what’s the point of the AW again?

    1. I’d have to disagree. The Apple watch paired with my AirPods is amazing while running, along with the health tracking features. It still amazes friends/family when we take group photos and I use my mini tripod and the Apple watch as a remote shutter so everyone can be in the picture. It also still shocks store/restaurant clerks when I pay with the Apple Watch. My front door auto unlocking when I approach it is one of my favorite features. And the best of all quick and easy messaging without having to pull out the phone. Other fun and used to a lesser extent apps are adjusting HUE lighting, starting/stopping/return to home Neato vacuum, adjust eco bee thermostat. Oh and walkie talkie is pretty damn awesome.

  2. This is interesting. Later this year I’ll acquire some AirPods at which time I’ll start listening to podcasts through the AW. I already use it a lot all day long for fitness tracking, timers, Siri, and for telling time. I’ve had the S0, S3 and now the S4. I find that at the end of the day there is still about 60% battery remaining. If I set theater mode I could probably only charge every third or fourth day.

  3. I use the Overcast and the built in music player controls in the Activity app on my WATCH 3. Music stays on my iPhone Xs Max. Always have my iPhone with me. I guess I’m old school.

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