Don’t expect a folding iPhone anytime soon

“At long last, the first folding phone from Samsung is nearly a reality. At its developers conference keynote yesterday, the phone maker showed off its new Infinity Flex display along with a proof-of-concept prototype of what will soon become the world’s first folding Galaxy phone,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “It’s likely to be a very expensive niche product when it launches in 2019, but one thing is clear: phones are moving beyond rounded rectangles.”

“Like it was with phablets, every major Android phone maker will soon have their own version of the folding phone, and before long the smartphones at your local Verizon or T-Mobile store will look quite different than they do now,” Simon writes. “Except the iPhone that is. With no indication that Apple will be changing its design for the 2019-2020 season, Apple is once again going to be sitting on the sidelines for the start of another revolutionary shift.”

“Assuming folding phones become a thing—and I believe they will, Samsung’s chunky prototype notwithstanding — everyone’s is going to be looking to Apple to show them all how’s it’s done,” Simon writes. “And one day they will. It just won’t be anytime soon.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve seen with OLED, Apple won’t do it until they can do it right and they can get companies to scale up to make enough displays to be used in the world’s best-selling smartphone, the iPhone.

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  1. 1-Samsungs chunky prototype.. … well he should have paid more attention.. the actual device was camouflaged in a casing.
    So no one realy knows what it looks like or how chunky it will be.

    2- Every android naker will have on in 2019 ? How do u know ?

    3-what will be the price? For them to dominate all carriers stors and for leaving Apple in the dust…

    Too much negative tone re Apple in the article based on no facts and lots of personal speculation.

  2. Apple has patents on a foldable display, which of course doesn’t mean they’ll do it. They test the intersection of technology and use case and when and if the two combine, then we’ll see a product.

  3. A bit strange that they so repeatedly allied the folding phone product (in terms of Apple) to losing the notch. It might be an indirect solution though only by having wider bezels surely even if deemed less important in a folding phone due to the relative doubling of the screen size I presume unless you activate it before unfolding which could be fiddly in use. But that seems to be a backward move anyway. Personally I would have thought that solutions other than a folding phone would appear for notch removal before Apple actually produces its version of such a product and whatever it is would apply to that as well. Already we are seeing holes rather than the notch and one presumes that this taken to the point of near invisibility might well be in the works along with further reducing component size to fit within a narrow bezel.

  4. I personally don’t care for the folding smartphone concept no matter who makes it. One thing is for certain, is that if Apple were to make one, it would be super-expensive for consumers to buy. There are a number of individuals who claim a folding smartphone will be such wonderful innovation just because it can fold out. It might be great tech for big tablets but hardly necessary for the size of a smartphone. The fold certainly makes a smartphone quite thick and I believe most consumers think the standard smartphone is thick enough. I’m trying to envision a scenario which makes a folding smartphone useful over the current flat slab design and I can’t imagine one.

    I’m sure there will be some people who want one just because it’s different and they’ll get attention. However, I don’t see a folding smartphone as being practical, at all. Unless every piece of tech in it is improved, I’m sure the battery and the display will end up being the weak links in a folding smartphone. I don’t want any folding smartphone that’s going to be more prone to damage or wear than a current smartphone. Good for the company that makes a folding smartphone for consumers but I’m sticking with the traditional slab.

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