Now that virtually every Android peddler has tried to copy the inelegant kludge, Apple is preparing to kill the notch

“A new patent shows that Apple is actively working to kill the notch it created much to the chagrin of smartphone fans all over the planet,” Jesus Diaz writes for Tom’s Guide. “Dutch tech blog MobileKopen has unearthed a new patent that details a way to drill holes in display panels to allow for FaceID cameras and infrared sensors to look through the screen, effectively changing the notch to holes on the screen.”

“Apple’s patent — titled ‘Electronic device displays with holes to accommodate components’ — was filed in 2016, which was probably around the time iPhone X was under development for its 2017 release,” Diaz writes. “Perhaps Apple wasn’t able to pull this method and therefore decided to go with the notch — or maybe the notch was a stopgap measure as they got this to work.”

Diaz writes, “What is clear is that, despite claims to the contrary, the notch goes against every single design principle followed by Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The sooner the inelegant kludge is eliminated, the better!

We do love, however, when clueless, copying fragmandoid peddlers add notches to their displays that do basically nothing; certainly nothing close to what Apple’s TrueDepth Camera system does.

iPhone X’s notch (really a flap, occluding the display) is an inelegant kludge. The extensive copying of it from the fragmandroid peddlers proves that if Jony Ive took a dump in a box, they’d immediately start downing laxatives like candy. — MacDailyNews, August 17, 2018

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  1. Apple choose function/feature over design – for once. And it doesn’t bother me using my iPhone X – ever.

    RIDDLE ME THIS: If FACE ID tech (AKA the notch) is a feature/function over design, then what the heck is a massive chin, and a stupid home button? Elegant and beautiful?… It’s hideous people.

    Face ID is a WAAAY better solution than that stupid 1983 home button stuff. ; )

    1. Agreed. After a few days I couldn’t see the notch anymore. I quite literally had forgotten my phone has a notch and I look at it a hundred times a day. Face ID is very good design. The notch required to get it without adding to the top or bottom of the device is a good, functional, design (if a little aesthetically odd).

    2. Spot on, for starters least the last 4 years that iPhone overhang has been an embarrassment when many other phones were gradually reducing it. But as we know Apple is perfectly happy to fall behind simply to make a bigger leap and impact once they actually get around to significant changes. A secondary motive no doubt is to convince users to upgrade when otherwise they might leave it longer if the change was less obvious.

  2. I just came from the 8 Plus to Xs Max. The Max is amazing. Same size as he 8 Plus but all screen and no bother of the notch. FaceID fantastic. The build quality and weight of the Max is superb. Best iphone Apple has made to date to me!!!!!

    1. Yes and MDN. It Will be interesting to see how the top and bottom of the phone is easily discerned once it’s gone. Got to have some obvious indicator and tiny holes won’t do it, or if they are obvious enough will equally bring similar scorn no doubt.

    1. Yes, a very ugly design “abomination.” MDN is spot on. Notch tramples on every photo, video and other programs ALL the time. Like a disrespectful DJ talking over an artists song before it is finished (artist disrespect). The fanboys don’t see it, well, what are they looking at? Sounds like design denial to me coupled with self hypnosis, but hey — all fine if you don’t see it and love it.

      As the article pointed out good to hear it was a deadline stopgap decision, will be corrected in the future and R.I.P. All will be right in the design galaxy again…

  3. Cutting holes in the display might not work as well as just making the area of the display that the cameras are behind transparent when the cameras are active. Too bad that patent is already filed by an Android OEM like Samsung.

    Not completely sure how Apple displays would work with holes cut out in it. I could imagine a workaround for cutting a single hole, but wouldn’t it become a problem for the area of the display that is between two ‘cutouts’?

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