“I watched it once. I watched it twice,” Chris Matyszczyk writes for ZDNet. “I enlarged the screen on my laptop. And then, during a rousing NFL game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers, it was on my relatively big LG TV screen.”

“The music was sultry, the phones looked gorgeous. Apple was playing with illusion as you initially think the phones are the same size, then they’re magically not,” Matyszczyk writes. “Somehow, though, I felt an odd feeling just below my throat. This was Apple’s first ad for the iPhone XS and the XS Max, and I couldn’t see the most iconic element… What bothered me is that I couldn’t see the notch. Both the XS and the XS Max still have it.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ah, the inelegant kludge.

“The camera-housing element, initially decried as being the ugliest thing Apple had created since, oh, its pursuit of the man who found an iPhone 4 prototype in a bar, was being artfully concealed,” Matyszczyk writes. “With this iPhone XS ad, both the screens on the phones have a lovely image that happens to include darkness over the notch area. This is to create the illusion — again — that these phones really do have a gloriously full screen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Listen, it’s an inelegant kludge. Apple knows it (see how it’s not there, tellingly, when you take a screenshot?), we know it, anybody with eyes and a smidge more taste than a Microsoft employee knows it. It makes perfect sense not to call any more attention to the notch (really, it’s a black flap occluding a noticeable portion of your display at all times) than is absolutely necessary.