Apple launches new website devoted to privacy, showing off features of iPhones and Macs

“Apple has launched an entire website devoted to privacy as it attempts to tout the security features of its iPhones,” Andrew Griffin reports for The Independent. “The new site includes the option for anyone to see all of the information that their iPhones, iPads and Macs have collected about them and sent to Apple.”

“The feature comes as Apple totes its divergence away from the business strategy espoused by companies like Facebook and Google, which rely on collecting data about their users and making it available to advertisers,” Griffin reports. “The search portal can be accessed by heading to Apple’s special website and logging in. From there, users can request the data – which might take some time, since Apple completes security checks to ensure that the data is really being requested by the person who owns it.”

Griffin reports, “The page highlights a range of technologies that Apple has made significant use of in recent years. Those include end-to-end encryption – which ensures that communications including FaceTime calls, messages, Apple Pay transactions and syncing between your different devices can’t be read can’t be intercepted as they pass over the internet – and privacy tools that allow it to learn about its users at the broad level without collecting information about them individually.”

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MacDailyNews Take: On the issue of personal privacy, when will the great unwashed awaken, if ever?

Apple’s opening statement on their privacy pages:

Apple products are designed to protect your privacy.

At Apple, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right.

And so much of your personal information — information you have a right to keep private — lives on your Apple devices.

Your heart rate after a run. Which news stories you read first. Where you bought your last coffee. What websites you visit. Who you call, email, or message.
Every Apple product is designed from the ground up to protect that information. And to empower you to choose what you share and with whom.

We’ve proved time and again that great experiences don’t have to come at the expense of your privacy and security. Instead, they can support them.

Apple’s privacy pages can be found here.

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  1. The great unwashed will never awaken. They will continue to be lulled into a soporific spending spree by the offers that inundate them and entice them. Those offers are cleverly placed using personal details of their lives that were surreptitiously obtained through web browsing. Subliminal advertising has taken a new, ominous turn since the Fifties, when it was a fledgling psychological art. Now it is a mind parasite.

    What is really more bothersome is that today, the same sneaky techniques of persuasion work not only to empty your wallet but to hijack your votes. I see no way out of this type of exploitation, since it’s worked for thousands of years, using human nature against itself for the benefit of a clever, and ruthless, few. When they went too far, their heads eventually rolled. I hope that piece of history doesn’t repeat.

  2. Sounds, great and who knows maybe they will develop their web site so that when registered users post they show up as registered users. Oh and no bullying at the site, though that would require proper monitoring. What a refreshing site that would be.

    1. Conflict, bullying, trolls, fans = page views. I get a kick out of MDN’s pop up message when I visit the site: “Blocking ads hurts the sites you love, including MacDailyNews. Please whitelist MacDailyNews. Thank you for your support!”

      How about no on the whitelisting MDN. I would consider it if they would ever clean up the mess that this site is.

  3. Two comments MDN throws out regularly:
    1. On privacy: when will the great unwashed awaken, if ever?
    2. Apple makes premium products for premium customers.

    Perhaps, if Apple made more effort to expand the latter, the former might change…

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