Trump administration to spare some Apple products including Apple Watch, AirPods, and HomePod from latest China tariffs

“The Trump administration will spare a category of high-tech products that includes the Apple Watch and AirPods headphone[s] from the next round of tariffs it’s imposing on Chinese goods, according to two people familiar with the matter,” Jenny Leonard and Saleha Mohsin report for Bloomberg. “”

“The government is expected to release as early as Monday the final list of as much as $200 billion of Chinese products that will be hit with a new 10 percent tariff, according to five people familiar with the matter,” Leonard and Mohsin report. “A product code that covers Apple Inc.’s Watch and AirPods — as well as similar smart watches, fitness trackers and other goods made by competitors — is not on the list, the two people said.”

“The product code covers wireless devices, and it was included on a preliminary list the administration released in July. Other Apple products under the code include the HomePod speaker, BeatsWL headphones, and AirPort and Time Capsule internet routers,” Leonard and Mohsin report. “Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook — who dined with President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, at Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey golf resort in August — has said he hopes ‘calm heads prevail’ in the trade conflict between the U.S. and China.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Earlier today, President Trump stated via Twitter:

Tariffs have put the U.S. in a very strong bargaining position, with Billions of Dollars, and Jobs, flowing into our Country – and yet cost increases have thus far been almost unnoticeable. If countries will not make fair deals with us, they will be “Tariffed!”

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    1. I assume you mean “Thank you, Mr. President, for explicitly threatening to screw Apple and its investors, causing uncertainty in the markets (and AAPL share price), and then not following through.”

      This is grounds to thank someone? Siiiiigh.

        1. Yeah. That is good for me because I own AAPL, but it is not good for Americans. Same thing with these tariffs. I do not pay those. Americans do. Chinese can make their own stuff or buy it from the rest of the world. Trump only hurts American companies and Americans.

    1. depends on what you call political

      Advocating for Apple’s products is part of being CEO

      Advocating for particular types of bathrooms in a far of state and lecturing the local population there (as a local parent said “Does Tim Cook thinks it’s ok for a biological man to walk into a public bathroom with my 8 year old daughter? ) , not so much.

    2. This is completely off point, but…

      Do you think it’s ok to force a transgender woman with female genitalia who is wearing a dress to use a public bathroom with hostile men?

      North Carolina isn’t “a far off state.” It is under consideration for Apple’s third-largest American campus. The company has a legitimate interest in ensuring that its transgendered employees transferred from the Bay Area have equal access to public facilities.

        1. I understand how being selective/partial with products put on the tariff block could be strategic, but I don’t understand, agree, or would want to be connected to a company that was chosen for the tariff. Even though I hold AAPL, no single company should be “sent to war” while another company can stay state-side with little or less cost incurred in the war.

          China needs to do some trade/IP housekeeping and I’m hold a sliver of hope the admin’s trade challenge brings some positive results, but I think the selectivity is dumb and beyond equitable.

      1. Have a special bathroom for transgender,
        or basically No specific gender, Thats how we’ve been doing it our entire lives in our house.

        At the same time transgender people are by no means “normal” by definition, and are never made into the new gender as much as they want to try. Its a mental disorder. Your chromosomes are what you were born with. Others are being extremely tolerant if you ask me. Some people have to realize they are different, like I realize I’ll never play on the NBA.

      2. the point is these issues have nothing to do with apple
        a thousand down votes from left wing crazies isn’t going to change this
        Apple is not a .org social advocacy group
        it’s a commercial corporation
        advocating for tariffs is part of Apple CEO’s job , bathrooms isn’t
        get that?

      3. the point is these issues have nothing to do with apple
        a thousand down votes from left wing crazies isn’t going to change this
        Apple is not a .org social advocacy group
        it’s a commercial corporation
        advocating for tariffs is part of Apple CEO’s job , bathrooms isn’t
        get that?

      4. the point is these issues have nothing to do with apple
        a thousand down votes from left wing crazies isn’t going to change this
        Apple is not a .org social advocacy group
        it’s a commercial corporation
        advocating for tariffs is part of Apple CEO’s job , bathrooms isn’t
        get that?

          1. Really, GeoB, haven’t you learned the lesson of our times: if you repeat a questionable statement (like Apple does not have a legitimate interest in whether its own employees have access to tax-supported facilities) enough times, people will stop regarding it as shocking, and might eventually regard it as true.

          2. MDN

            one click mistake even before i finished did
            i post as ProUser when i’m dealing with products and ZoneOut on politics (which i’m not very interested in ). I tried to change the name preregistered and instead .. it put it out several times

            But still maybe i should even post more
            as people down vote but don’t refute why i’m wrong:
            my argument is simply Apple CEO should stick with Apple stuff

            would TXuser agree that if by some miracle GeoB became Apple CEO that GeoB can make Apple a soapbox for his PERSONAL BELIEFS? (since this is the principal he is using for Tim Cook)

      5. the point is these issues have nothing to do with apple
        a thousand down votes from left wing crazies isn’t going to change this
        Apple is not a .org social advocacy group
        it’s a commercial corporation
        advocating for tariffs is part of Apple CEO’s job , bathrooms isn’t
        get that?

      6. the point is these issues have nothing to do with apple, tariffs are
        a thousand down votes isn’t going to change this
        Apple is not a .org social advocacy group
        it’s a commercial corporation
        advocating for tariffs is part of Apple CEO’s job , bathrooms isn’t
        get that?

        also you’ve deflected but NOT ANSWERED the parents objection with his daughter
        do you see why business corporations shouldn’t wade into issues like this when there are so many murky side ramifications
        if Tim Cook wants to pontificate do so as a private citizen, one one time it’s not a CEO job, tariffs ARE.

        1. i’m not even like anti gay transgender etc
          i’m just saying it’s not Apple CEOs job

          there must be thousands of social issues which has nothing to do with Apple
          i’ll be just as appalled if another Apple CEO if he was a gun nut made statements AS Apple CEO that Apple supports assault weapons
          do you see it’s nothing to do with Apple, tarrifs are?

          you guys are so blinded by your PRIVATE BELIEFS and CONCERNS you can’t see my point

          1. please note when Cook made made those statements it’s not about bathrooms in Apple facilities, Apple can have designated transgender or whatever itself, he’s making comments outside Apple corp.s concerns

            should future Apple CEOs wade into restitution payments to American Indians, civil war statues, arguments over state rights on levies along the Mississippi, inadequate funding for elderly care, removal of Jefferson memorials as he was a slave owner who kept his own kids as slaves…? like i said there thousand issues worth concern more than transgender bathrooms, where to draw the line?

            me i say the line is ‘does it directly concern apple?’

            1. The only reason that Apple would consider opening a campus in North Carolina is the opportunity for creative interaction between the company and the local academic and research community. The Research Triangle is called that because it is defined by three major national research universities. Two of them, UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State in Raleigh, are state institutions and were therefore subject to the state bathroom law.

              If an Apple employee who happens to be transgendered needs to attend a meeting at a university facility where a bathroom law is in effect, they will be forced into a bathroom where they will stick out like a sore thumb at best, and may not be safe at worst. If the employee wants to attend a school function or a football game with their child, they will have the same problem. Ditto if they need to go to a government office to transact business for the company.

              All of that does “directly affect Apple,” just as much as apartheid affected corporate operations in South Africa. The same is true of immigration policy. If Apple cannot move its employees from one company office to another, that “directly affects Apple.” Talking about the problem isn’t being a SJW; it is being a responsible CEO.

            2. lol

              hey what about:

              lack of govt. funding for seniors is a major issue in USA right now, 50 % of people over 80 will get some form of dementia including parkinsons etc. i bet thousands of Apple employees have elderly relatives and would grow old themselves so that effects Apple employees probably by a way larger amounts than transgender staff
              so should apple CEO soapbox on that?

              what about aboriginal Apple employees, reservations have huge issues, and there are apple stores in states with aboriginals, why isn’t apple fighting for them?

              etc etc etc

  1. This will only lead to higher prices for American consumers as we do not have the manufacturing capacity or cheap labor here. We lost jobs over steel tariffs and had to bail out farmers…Trump is an idiot who knows nothing about tariffs and how they work and will cause inflation it in eventually another recession. Trump steaks, Trump air, trump university, trump casinos all failed and went bankrupt, he’s a great used car salesman snake oil salesman but a lousy businessman when it comes to business

  2. This is a tough topic and negotiation for decades under various presidents from both parties who have kicked the can down the road. I applaud the president for directly addressing it and fingers crossed it will work out …

  3. The tariffs are merely a tax on American consumers that will only hurt Apple if it reduces sales, which will be minimal. The real danger is Chinese retaliation which could hurt sales in China.

    1. Election won per centuries of “terms.”
      All authories have stated hacking had no material effect of the election.
      All authorities involved have stated there’s no “collusion” and Spec Council set up to investigate such have resulted in a 14 day sentence for lying (not good, but…)
      crimes by another committed 10+ yrs prior (not good, but…) and possible others, yet to be adjudicated that have nothing to your childish whine.

      You’re a sorry sack of ignorant juvenile to offer up a comment that’s so disconnected from reality. I bet you have no idea what’s happening “on the other side” that crimps the story that you suck like blankie?

      Please call 800 TDS HURT. It may help.

      1. Not to be rude, but I am genuinely curious:

        How was the victory unprecedented?

        There have been 58 presidential elections since the Constitution was adopted in 1787. In 53 of those elections, the winner received a plurality of popular support. Of the five remaining elections, 1824 was decided in the House of Representatives when not all states even had a popular election; state legislatures picked about ¼ of the electors. That leaves four elections that the clear popular winner lost. Of those four presidents, Mr.Trump had the smallest percentage of the popular vote (46.09, versus 47.8 for Benjamin Harrison, 47.87 for G.W. Bush, and 47.92 for R.B. Hayes),

        Mr Trump’s margin in the Electoral College ranks #46 out of those 58 elections. In other words, 45 presidential winners have had a higher margin in the College vote. There were two elections in which nobody won an Electoral College majority. Among the 56 elections decided in the College, only 10 of the winners had a narrower margin than in 2016.

        Obviously, Donald J. Trump legally won the election, but I don’t see how the victory was unprecedented.

        1. It is truly and really sad to read your hatred of President Trump also blinds you to the TRUTH. Please, spare us the denials your carefully couched writing betrays you daily and fools almost no one.

          There are dozens and dozens of reasons it is UNPRECEDENTED. Let’s be real, you are not interested in learning the reasons or the truth.

          You are only interested in playing semantic word games batting them back and forth and debunking the term. I’ve had my fill of that with you and no longer taking the bait or playing the game.

          A lot of major newspapers had “unprecedented” on the front page. If I remember correctly the main Associated Press story also used the term very high in the story, if not the first graf.

          That’s where I learned the term associated with an “unprecedented” President Trump victory. Where the hell were you? Head buried in the sand or crying? …

          1. So…Official Facts are now hate speech against Trump?
            Yet another new low.
            I’ll agree that Trumps election was an unprecedented example of the inmates taking over the asylum. Nothing since has exeeded the event.
            Do I get a cookie?

          1. Like I said, did you bury your head in the sand days after the election?

            “Unprecedented” was used throughout the media: newspapers, magazines, broadcast news, etc. How did you miss it?!?

            And if you don’t know how it applies to Trump, you will never know …

          2. The reason I quibble about the insistence that the 2016 elections were “unprecedented” is that the claim is often used to suggest that Mr. Trump received an overwhelming popular mandate for his policies and his opponents are just sore losers. In fact, he had the smallest popular vote percentage of any two-party presidential winner ever and a well below average percentage of the Electoral College.

            Yes, he is President and has all the legal powers appropriate to that office, but let’s not pretend that a majority of Americans have endorsed his policies. There is no evidence of a groundswell of support for declaring a trade war against the rest of the world, for example. As an Apple enthusiast, I just hope that Cook can keep the company safe by any political strategy that works, including but not just lobbying the President to see reason where Apple is concerned.

            1. Simply quoting dry numbers, you are not paying attention and missed the “unprecedented” presidential victory in history (media wording, not mine). You also dissed the CNBC article immediately out of hand listing Trump’s remarkable economic achievements calling it a “puff piece” from the unbiased business channel. Since you can’t handle it from reputable reporting, I don’t see the point trying to convince you of anything when it comes to our tireless hard working president. Hell, you can’t even give him that much because you disagree with him 100%. That is EXTREME BIAS and not healthy and yet you relish it …

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