Everything you need to know about Apple Watch Series 4

“Of all Apple’s big announcements during their September ‘Gather Round’ event, the Apple Watch was arguably the most exciting,” Andrew O’Hara writes for AppleInsider. “The Series 4 marks the first physical redesign of the Apple Watch since it was first released.”

“The biggest feature is the new, nearly edge-to-edge display which garners more than 30 percent more usable real estate,” O’Hara writes. “Series 4 also has an updated casing that has more subtly rounded corners to match that of the display, and even manages to be slightly thinner.”

“Apple signature Digital Crown now has an entirely new mechanism with haptic feedback given as it is rotated, allowing for even greater precision. It is both 30 percent smaller than the last generation, while using 21 percent more parts,” O’Hara writes. “Within the updated Digital Crown is a sensor, which is also present on the rear of the watch. Touching both of these electronic sensors at the same time completes the circuit and makes another new feature possible — an ECG.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We haven’t been this excited to get our Apple Watches since the original!


  1. Yep, by far more exciting than any new iPhone. Especially because I haven’t upgraded my Watch since the first one. New Mac Pro would’ve vastly trumped anything introduced that day, at least for pros. Oct. 12th for me.

  2. Is the ECG/EKG feature available now with this release of Apple Watch Series 4?

    What about the fall detection? Yes or no?

    AFib – yes or no?

    I just love when authors of articles state “… Unfortunately, some of these new features won’t be available at launch, and instead will show up in a future software update….”. And then don’t tell you which ones are available now and which ones in the future!

    1. I have the impression that the ECG and Fall Detection will be ready to go at launch. The Afib and possibly other more subtle heart monitoring may be the ones that arrive later. But I am not positive.

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