This year’s Apple A12-powered iPhones to leave Android phones even further behind

“Apple is likely to establish a technical lead over most smartphone brands as the company moves to a 7nm process for the A12 chip that will power this year’s flagship iPhones,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “That lead could last well into next year.”

“Supply-chain sources say that most brands are unlikely to use sub-10nm chips for some time yet,” Lovejoy reports. “Digitimes reports that four major chipmakers have delayed or held plans to offer their own 7nm process to Android brands.”

“This leaves only Apple chipmaker TSMC with 7nm process capabilities,” Lovejoy reports. “Macworld recently suggested that the 7nm process would be one key factor in this year’s iPhones being 20-30% faster than the iPhone X.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s decision to go all in with TSMC looks smarter with each passing year.

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  1. Qualcomm will definitely find a way to get 7nm SoCs even if other manufacturers have to give contributions to Qualcomm to get it done. How can the Android community not have a 7nm processor to compete with the iPhone? Qualcomm will somehow raise the money and not get left behind. It wouldn’t look good for Android flagship smartphones to come up really short in terms of SoC hardware. Android fanbois would be seriously butt-hurt if that were the case. I believe Qualcomm’s pride won’t let it fall behind Apple and Qualcomm will do whatever it takes to keep pace.

  2. MDN, could you please tell me why my iPhone X gets so hot while using your app?

    Please tell me it’s not doing something bad in the background, like crypto mining.

    Seems my 1st attempt at posting this question didn’t go through in a previous artical (the app crashed) so I thought I’d post again while this artical is at the most current.

        1. The page is full of junk on Mac OS, too. One of the most cluttered, spam-infested, poorly designed pages I’ve seen. Raise hands- does anyone actually view all these ads? Click on them? Actually, they act as a repellent. “Enough of this- just a glance, I’ve got a headache!…”

  3. Speed is the new thin …. ratcheting up specs and in parallel price which many of us no longer value and do not want to pay for. Stop over serving and over charging your customers.

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