The $200 billion reason it’s so important for Apple’s Tim Cook to not be on President Trump’s tech hit list

“The stock market rallied to new records this week on the prospects of a U.S.-Mexico trade deal, but the global trade war is far from over,” Tim Mullaney writes for CNBC. “It is a good time to review what investors already have learned about the trade war in 2018, and how it can still hit blue-chip stocks hard, especially with issues between the U.S. and China far from resolved.”

“China is still the biggest swing factor, and its stock market has been pummeled this year, officially entering a bear market with losses over 20 percent,” Mullaney writes. “The last time the Chinese market took a major leg down, between 2015 and 2016 — mainland Chinese stocks lost 30 percent of their value between June-July 2015 alone — the effects were felt in U.S. stocks. The wobbles in China’s stock market threaten to disrupt that nation’s growth and its ability to buy U.S. exports and it hit a lot of blue chips, and not just the industrials you would expect to suffer — starting with Apple… Even while the trade deal struck on Monday between Mexico and the United States alleviates some fears, U.S. tariffs on Mexico are still in place. And as much as another $200 billion in tariffs against China are still being weighed by the White House for implementation later this year.”

“Apple took one of the largest hits in the market when China’s markets wobbled in 2015 into 2016, with shares losing a quarter of their value as uncertainty about Chinese consumption curbed Asian demand for iPhones. But Apple became the first U.S. company to reach a $1 trillion valuation in spite of the Chinese stock dive and the unresolved trade war with Chin,” Mullaney writes. “‘I don’t want to say anyone is immune, but if anyone has Trump’s ear right now it’s Tim Cook,’ Zino said. ‘I think [Trump] will try to avoid hurting the company directly. It’s probably the most important U.S.-based [manufacturer] on the planet.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, Tim Cook is continuing to meet and converse with President Trump:

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  1. It doesn’t matter *what* Apple does to appease this administration, it’ll take just one minor poke to the president’s snowflake ego to make him turn his twit-rage onto Apple. And it will be for some trumped up hyperbolic wedge issue. Chances are it will be Apple’s stance on privacy, so the claim will be that Apple’s end-to-end encryption is protecting terrorists or child abusers. Canada’s conservatives already tried that latter angle in 2011 or 2012, when the minister pushing a privacy-invading bill yelled that anyone opposed to it sided with child pornographers. He had to walk that back after other conservatives blasted him, and the bill failed.

    Trump has already ranted against Apple in the past for their privacy stance: “To think that Apple won’t allow us to get into her cellphone? Who do they think they are?” (Feb 2016). And he called for a boycott until Apple complied with an impossible order. That was before he was president, though he was already on the campaign trail. Imagine the damage he’d do now.

  2. Trump doesn’t know or care what impact his actions take. All that matters is if he can claim he has a great relationship with a CEO/leader, the company/country is good. If something is said that does not praise him, then . . . bad.

  3. Cook seems to have done well in relation to Trump so far, it helps that Apple isn’t a data mining operation like Google. He may be an arrogant leftist, but he’s not a knee-jerk retard like most SJWs. He could learn a thing or two about posture and confidence from the God Emperor though, and picking the right shoes for the suit and occasion.

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