Apple’s surprise MacBook Pro update further strains its relationship with professional Mac users

“If you don’t obsessively scan the tech blogs: Apple updated its MacBook Pro line yesterday,” David Gewirtz writes for ZDNet. “They did it quietly, without a big event.”

“And, they did it — in the opinion of this columnist at least — in a tone-deaf, we-don’t-really-care-about-pro-users-needs kind of way,” Gewirtz writes. “You see, there’s a cadence for this kind of thing… For buyers of professional-level Macs, which are insanely expensive, this cadence is critical. The last thing anyone wants to do is settle for a vomit-inducingly high-priced Mac and then discover there’s a new one, one that you really would have preferred, that’s been introduced just a little while later.”

“Occasionally, Apple will say it cares about professional users and developers. It will give lip service to this critically influential audience. But the company’s actions belie those words. The company’s actions indicate something else, perhaps a deep disrespect for the needs of pros, or at the very least a lackadaisical focus on professional needs overall,” Gewirtz writes. “There are reasons to stick with Macs at the pro level. Some software that can increase workflow productivity is only available on Macs. But if Apple continues to take purchasing patronage of professionals for granted, there will be a time when it gets to be too much: too much hassle, too much cost, too much chain yanking and, yes, too much disrespect.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Proof that if you can’t find something negative to write about, you can always invent one.

And, btw, David, when you’re finished vomiting over a price for the world’s most insanely-great notebook computers, read this (it applies to basically every Apple product ever made):

Newsflash: Apple sells premium products at premium prices to premium customers

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  1. The pricing is on par with past models, the power is late but it’s finally here. The design is staggering, and you can plug in eGpus? What can you negatively say about a quiet upgrade. Pro users don’t need the start in their eyes to buy something. We want specs and numbers. This is disrespectful writing at best.

    1. The writer is probably just pissed because he just bought a new Macbook Pro within the past 6 months and now Apple has released some new hardware that he would really, really rather have.

      Hey, that’s life.

      Maybe if he had been watching another Mac news site ‘buyer’s guide’ (rhymes with ‘Frapple McSlider’) he may have avoided this bout of buyer’s remorse. But, alas…

      Glad I waited. As a creative Mac user, 32gb ram sounds very yummy.

    2. This is eminently reasonable: “What Apple could, and should, do is honor returns of MacBook Pros for anyone who bought them from June 4 (the first day of WWDC on). Heck, it’d even be okay if Apple required a visit to the Apple Store and provided customers the opportunity to return only if they buy a newer, beefier model.”

  2. It is simply unacceptable for a pro laptop in 2018 that maxes out at 16GB RAM. My home Mac with a month uptime uses 18gb of memory for general home needs— photos, office, web, etc. This is without creative work on it.

    1. If what you say is true, then why is it that when I go to the Apple online store I can configure the 2018 MacBook Pro to 32GB of RAM and add larger SSDs if one needs it. Frankly, Mugwump, I doubt you have every used a Mac if you are seriously claiming your general home use requires more than 18 GBs of memory. What kind of Mac have you had that even HAD that kind of RAM in it in the first place? most Macs were not even sold with more than 8GBs of RAM and seldom ever used even close to that. For home use, most applications seldom exceed 2GBs. Also, the Mac is excellent in using the hard drives and SSDs for swap space as needed. So I call major Bull Shit on your claims.

      You own a Windows PC. . . not a Mac.

      1. I cannot begin to understand your comment. I am a mac power user, use Mac pros at work all day, stated with an Apple ][, and know more about Macs than you could ever dream about. The 13″ macbook PRO maxes out at 16GB wired. My home 2009 Mac Pro with upgraded 12 cores of Intel x5690 processors, AMD Vega graphics card, 64 GB of RAM, and a variety of internal SSD’s means yes, macOS of general home server use for me after a month of uptime if given unlimited RAM seems to like 18GB of it.

        1. Oh, BS, muguwmp or whatever your name is. YOU said “18gb of memory for general home needs— photos, office, web, etc.” You specifically stated that 18GB of RAM was used up without any creative work on the computer, and now you are describing a Mac Pro with 12 cores of Intel X5690 processors AMD graphic card, with 64 GB of RAM, with a variety of internal SSDs, claiming you are a power user yet are using a Mac Pro for a GENERAL HOME SERVER????? That’s a load of BOVINE EXCREMENT. . . You don’t seem to be aware that the more cores you have the more RAM the system will use because there is RAM overhead for each core you have that gets set aside just so the cores can operate. That alone will account for much of what you see in your 18 GBs. Given the Xeons you mentioned, you have two six core processors. While most of those cores will most likely not be active, that RAM overhead is still allocated just because it is free and available just because it may be required, regardless of what is happening or running on the system. YOU made an assumption that it was in use. The fact is that most general home, office and web programs are written to use only the first two cores.

          I manage a BUSINESS with servers and multiple Macs and we don’t need that kind of power for office, photos, or web use. We have two Mac Pros but we use them for what one uses Mac Pros for, heavy lifting. That makes you and your claims complete idiocy and tells me you were trying to pull wool over readers eyes. There is NOTHING you could be doing at home, especially what you listed, that requires that much horse power, especially if you are not doing creative work.

          Hell, Peter Jackson used MacBook Pros with no more than 8GBs of RAM to do quick rendering of dailies to get an idea of what scenes would look like for the Lord of the Rings would look like before sending them on for complete rendering and editing. . . and that was back in 2003 and 2004. Similarly, Pixar used Mac Pros with 16-32 GB to do initial 3D rendering and design for many of their movies.

          One of our two Mac Pros spends a good portion of its time rendering 360 slices of medical radiographs into 3D images and converting it to real time animations with accuracy to 1/1000 inch, and does need that kind of horsepower to get that done in a reasonable amount of time. . . while our other Mac Pro runs as a server manipulating database data with that 3D information in it, and feeding the results to 25 other Macs under constant use and NOT A ONE OF THEM ever reaches even 8 GBs of RAM use under pretty heavy operation.

          I doubt you have even a quarter of the knowledge I’ve acquired in almost 40 years of owning a cross platform business supporting businesses with multiple computers and networks. . . especially with the BS you just spouted trying to impress people with your “knowledge” of Macs.

          1. “You specifically stated that 18GB of RAM was used up without any creative work on the computer, and now you are describing a Mac Pro with 12 cores of Intel X5690 processors AMD graphic card, with 64 GB of RAM, with a variety of internal SSDs, claiming you are a power user yet are using a Mac Pro for a GENERAL HOME SERVER????? That’s a load of BOVINE EXCREMENT. . .”

            relax the owner can do what he pleases even if that obviously does not please you

    2. The new 13″ MBP maxes at 16GB, Mugwump. The 15″ has a 32GB ceiling. If you are a pro who needs 32GB, then spring for the 15″ model. A real pro will buy what is needed, including an eGPU, if you need additional graphics power.

      I have seen PC “laptops” that contain desktop-grade GPUs and such. They are very heavy and thick and noisy and only run for about 45 minutes on battery power, even with a massive battery pack. Their power bricks weigh more than an entire MBP. If that is what you want, then buy one, because what you appear to be seeking is a pseudo-portable desktop.

      1. Is this Mel from AppleInsider forums, 1999? I don’t need buying advice. I want a 13″ mac pro model for Audio mixing and travel. They sell a 13″ pro model for Audio mixing and travel. I want my young kids to use this thing 7 years from now, and will upgrade RAM as needed — OOPS. I wanted to buy a new mac but will not at this point. Adobe is cross platform and i am getting a millimeter closer to windows hell, which I have have never really used. I read MDN every day since, well, has it been 10 years? We need a Scott Forstall to save us Mac users!

        1. LOL, Scott Forstall, the guy who’s only claim to fame is that he was friends with Steve when he was at Next? Because what has he done that has shown he has ANY tech sector skills since leaving the protection that Steve provided him with at Apple? Did he, like Steve, once pushed out of the company, build his own tech brand to try to create the tech he felt the world needed?

          No. He gave up on tech once he realized it’s not his calling. What IS his calling?

          Broadway. And THAT is the man you want to save the Mac?

  3. The new MBP has up to 32 GB RAM, 8th Generation 6 core and possibility of eGPUs so it’s becoming more of workable ‘truck’.

    I think the writer was pissed that he bought an older model after WWDC. I guess we’ve all been in his shoes.

    (interesting stats about the previous models keyboard failure rates in AppleInsider, seems like there is an issue but together with the improvements in reliability elsewhere in the MacBooks they seem to have about the better OVERALL reliability rates all things considered as models with the old keyboards. Failure rates of the just announced Mac’s keyboards are of course unknown.

    AppleInsider “Overall, the total number of service calls is lower for both the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro, versus the older models, even including the keyboard failures” ).

          1. We have quite a few of the ‘butterfly keyboard’ MacBook Pro models and only one ever developed the sticky keyboard problem. Some high pressure compressed air fixed it. I don’t see it as a real problem. The new ones I examined at the Apple Store today have a wider gap between the keyboard and the case which should make it easier to clean under the keycap than the older butterfly key, which was the problem on those that captured dust under them, contrarian. Did you ever have one to really complain or are you just here to be contrary?

          2. As John Gruber mentions on Daring Fireball, it’s likely Apple took some steps to improve the design in regard to keys sticking due to dust, etc. But they can’t directly say that given they are in the middle of legal actions regarding it.

            1. So you agree but call me a dumbass.

              You must be the dumb one calling someone you agree with dumb!

              What endless crocks of shyte keep pouring from the rectal orifice of applesinsick!

    1. down votes?

      my post is basically based on facts.
      only opinion was that 32 GB, 6 core etc was more truck than previous models.

      Keyboard issues have been detailed in AppleInsider with actual stats they collected from repair shops and Apple.

      Personally I think they should NOT be having keyboard issues at all having 10+ billion in R&D spending. But it also factual that the rest of the components are more reliable (according to A.I) thus giving better overall reliability stats. If you’re one of the unlucky ones with a bad keyboard this of course won’t matter …

      This is Davewrite, the guy who has complained about the Mac Pro in dozens of posts over the last few years, but as usual I try to base my posts on facts.

        1. concerned is not the right term, and it’s not vote ‘manipulation’.

          Just pointing out that I’m mostly just factually reporting stuff (like stats from Apple Insider) and illuminating that down voting just shows a certain emotional response about Apple products whether pro or con . What are they down voting? Don’t agree that 32 GB makes more of ‘truck’ than 16, that stats from A.I shows that even with less than ideal keyboards the newer macs are more reliable overall ?

          just trying to show people to respond to Apple neither as a ‘hater’ nor a blinded ‘fan boy’ but look at their products individually and factually ascertain pro and con.

    1. Do you always post ignorant statements like this one, cantom? You are apparently unaware the memory management on a Mac is far superior to what can be done with 16GB on a Windows PC. Why not take a short visit to the Apple website and read the specs to learn that a 15.4″ 2018 MacBook Pro maxes at 32GB before you open your mouth and prove you are ignorant? Not doing something so simple make us wonder if you are a paid shill or just stupid. There are levels of Pro that can accomplish quite a bit with 16GB.

      On the other MacBook Pro thread someone else is also trying to denigrate the entire line as only having 16GB capacity. This sounds like a coordinated astroturfing campaign from Apple’s competition.

      1. Wow. Justwow. I’ve been using apple computers since long before the mac. It’s all I use. But for me photoshop is dog slow in only 16 gigs of ram when working on large projects. I use last of the cheese graters maxed all around. And yes I know all about the cool tech inside mac Os that can help but maybe it works best in safari or photos. But Yea go ahead and attack me like you know more than everyone

        1. Then I apologize, but cantom, say what you are talking about. . . don’t make a general statement. You are working with an antique Mac and all of your comments are therefore not worth much for more modern Macs! For your “cheese grater” MacPro if you have only 16GB of RAM, then expand your memory, it’s fairly cheap to do, cantom. You’ll see a vast improvement in that system’s performance. . . we had one for years with 32GBs of RAM rendering 3D radiographs from 360 slices of individual CAT scans. . . and it was fast. That is more demand than Photoshop can ever put on a Mac. Also, check your HD swap space, and put in an SSD for Photoshop to use. That helps a lot.

          1. So one is more “Pro” than the other??
            I see.

            So I guess there really isn’t a choice in size for a real MacBook Pro is there?

            (and that’s Mr. Braniac to you….)

            1. “So I guess there really isn’t a choice in size for a real MacBook Pro is there?”

              Most excellent point I had not thought about it that way until you mentioned it.

              Yes, they ROUTINELY do this with all the product lines. The expensive top of the line is the pro and gets the most love. The neutered stepchild like the 13” MacBook Pro is really a pro? Half the ram and slower chips, sheesh Apple, I don’t think so.

              Ideally, the 15” and 13” MBP should have exactly the same specs and options. Only difference SHOULD BE screen size. No room in 13” body, make it thicker.

              Actually, I would prefer BOTH models to be thicker with more battery life, sturdy keys and more important, bring back all the ports to avoid extra expense and tethered inconvenience of dongle HELL.

              And just then, I woke up …

  4. MDN and other apple apologists are nuts. The prices on teh 2tb upgrade (from 512) $1200, and 4tb upgrade (from 512) $3200 are beyond idiot even relative to apple’s normal historic fleecing prices. Right now on amazon you can get a 2tb drive (including a case and sata3 controller that basically slows down the drive for legacy equipment) is $296, and 4tb is 999.99:

    Mac users are such beaten housewives at this point, they are jusifying pricing over 3X the going RETAIL rate, when apple is slapping these chips soldered on straight to the mother board for far less on the pricing scale.

    The reality is Apple knows its user base is so desperate for a meaningful upgrade that it is out right gouging and fleecing it.

    MDN could do a bit more good on calling it more objectively. No one is quarreling with the base price, nor the overly high but not insane price for higher clock rate or doubling the ram. But the SSD upgrades are beyond gouging, it’s down right insulting.

    1. Pro laptops aren’t soldered, glued together hunks of electronics. The MacBook Pro of yore was an excellent workhorse that gave you the power to change it over time to suit your needs.

      The keyboard on MacBook models has always been trickier to replace than most PC laptops, but the need to replace the entire upper half of the computer to do it is frankly outrageous for a product so expensive.

    2. Agreed – – Apple is asking $700 per TB for SSDs and while they are higher bandwidth than the NVME $200/TB M.2 sticks, a pair RAIDed will do it, so it’s really quite outrageous that Apple demands so much.

  5. The writer makes excellent points regarding Apple treating pros like bald stepchildren. Yes, the prices for storage are simply price gouging grande! Iffy keyboard is also a major deal breaker for me …

    1. Thank you for replacing the redheaded stepchild trope by removing the tresses altogether. Perhaps it will catch on, and perhaps hair colour will dwindle as a metaphor for inferiority, as skin colour has begun to do.

  6. Oh pleeeese… Cry me a river. So dumb. So if Apple launched these at WWDC everyone would have been really happy. But Intel can’t get yields up so Apple needed to wait and launch ASAP, which they did.

    And because of that it’s Apple being tone deaf? How dumb. If Pro’s buy in a cadence, then they don’t buy based on specs, they buy based on timing and tax advantages at the end of the year (I know a LOT of pro’s that do this). Just dumb.

    It is GREAT Apple didn’t wait until the fall to do this, and just pulled the trigger as soon as they could.

    Awaiting the A-series upgrades to the MB
    and MBA this fall!

    1. Another major factor, Bob.

      It’s a mystery to me reading for years the pro voices calling for NVIDIA. Well, Apple has been tone deaf to the pros for five years now, so no surprise there. From eurogamer:

      “The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is the most powerful consumer-level graphics card on the market and perhaps the first graphics card that can actually handle 4K gaming without sacrificing too much in the way of frame-rate or detail settings. It’s about 25 to 30 per cent faster than its nearest rival, the GTX 1080, and unmatched by any AMD graphics card currently on the market.”

  7. Im a MacPro user and I completely disagree with the writer . For those of you reading these threads , please keep an open mind. Obviously the Writer has had a personal negative experience regarding his MacPro and decided to globalise it by bog writing , hoping to incite favour among the masses.

    1. I also completely disagree. Regardless of the writer’s motivation — he is write (right). One word where the MacBook Pro fails: NVIDIA. Or, lack thereof and pros have been calling for the world’s fastest graphics cards for years now. One would think the company that ignited the personal computer revolution, practically invented desktop printing and first to EXCEL at computer graphics this would be a no brainer. Arrogant tone deaf Apple, nope … 🙁

    2. Additional points to make the MacBook Pro the best it can be. If they included NVIDIA graphics cards and done away with the crap light keyboard (lawsuits again?) and went back to sturdy design I would have bought the 15” fully loaded by now. Bottom line: While a vast improvement and the best Apple laptops by far, they unfortunately fall short of perfection. That said, they will sell well …

      1. The keyboards were an “innovation” for talking points that backfired for Apple. Nobody had asked that the MBP keyboard use different technology. Happy with my 2014 MBP.

        Depending on where Apple is by then I still intend to buy a PC Workstation (over a Mac Pro) after my current video project is done by end of October. Managing that one with a borrowed and upgraded 2010 Mac Pro. Time and pro projects wait for no horribly behind Mac Pro redesign by an idiot technology company asleep at the wheel and taking far too much for granted.

        1. “The keyboards were an “innovation” for talking points that backfired for Apple.”

          Yes indeed, just tell “innovation” to the judge and many disgruntled users spending thousands on defective design and downtime — the LATEST talking point.

          Agree, not only is Apple “asleep at the wheel” they are becoming dumb and dumber and completely tone-deaf to user needs. It defies logical explanation with all the resources they have that are unmatched.

          You gotta do what you gotta do, Peter. Sad. Unbelievable the largest tech company the world has ever seen cannot logically provide for pro needs year after year.

          I will give them until the new Mac Pro is announced. On day one, I will know if they fall short or deliver unexpected amazing results.

          At that point, I am either in full bore or adios Apple pro computers for GOOD.

          Apple owner since my Lisa …

          1. For 15 years, whenever acquiring a new Mac I would 86 their included keyboard and use a 3rd-party keyboard instead. Lately Apple’s keyboards are about as thin as debit cards, so I can stylishly slip them into narrow spaces in my bookcase. Sometimes I imagine the exiled keyboards pining away, yearning to be paired, via bluetooth, with their mother ships, and I take grim satisfaction in keeping them exiled for their own good. The same goes for Apple’s science-fiction ideas about digital pointing devices. They may have pioneered the modern mouse but imho do not build a better mouse. OTOH they excel with their trackpads.

            Seriously, Apple leads the industry in a number of respects, but lags in others. Where they lead is where they apply their best design, engineering, and marketing resources. Where they lag is where they FEAR to unleash raw innovation for fear of being copied, or where they FAIL to see a new market opening until it’s almost too late, or where they NEGLECT their core constituency. For 40 years they were the company of surprises and comebacks, the Rocky Balboa of technology. But any more, they look like a sad palooka, who coulda been a contender and almost was.

            1. Yeah, sad the keyboard gradually went down in quality (thinness obsession) and is no longer sturdy and trustworthy.

              Also right, the mouse has been pretty much stagnant all along behind even Microsoft, cough, cough at times until they caught up. Would cheer an Apple solution with the Apple Pencil to out Wacom. But unfortunately we are talking Mac neglect again.

              “Where they lag is where they FEAR to unleash raw innovation for fear of being copied, or where they FAIL to see a new market opening until it’s almost too late, or where they NEGLECT their core constituency.”

              Three interesting points. Yes, they led with Siri and Apple TV and both are FAR behind the competition now, unbelievable. I suspect the walled garden mentality and Apple ONLY subscription payola plays a huge role. And of course the Apple core heart and soul constituency is Mac users. The neglect to the Pro users is unprecedented in its 40+year history … listening pipeline?

              “But any more, they look like a sad palooka, who coulda been a contender and almost was.

              Charlie, Charlie, you shoulda looked out for me …

  8. As a working professional artist who has spent the last 14 years using Macs and been forced back to Windows due to Apple ignoring the needs of professionals I find it bizarre people cannot see through being shafted, the level of Stockholm Syndrome is worrying.

    If Apple designed a laptop with adequate cooling that could accommodate a decent GPU you wouldn’t need to go buy an over 2 year old GPU put in a shiny enclosure for $700! Only a complete idiot would continue to buy this under powered junk. Apple now makes products for the Coffee shop posers and brain dead who don’t know any better.

    Still no Mac Pro since 2013 and people still think Apple cares for professional users? Yeah, right.

    1. “As a working professional artist who has spent the last 14 years using Macs and been forced back to Windows due to Apple ignoring the needs of professionals I find it bizarre people cannot see through being shafted, the level of Stockholm Syndrome is worrying.”

      So sad, but true. Although I am 100% Mac at home for decades, my company switched from Macs to PCs years ago for two reasons: power and price.

      I disdain the Windows GUI and needy OS at times, but overlook it to get the job done faster. More security hangups although the faster rendering times for the most part negate the downtime.

      Totally agree the new models are not as powerful as they need to be. Yes, the Apple fashionistas in the coffee shop are only posers. Ooooohhh, look Babs how thin and cool this is, just wow man. Wonder if they have done any heavy duty pro work in their lifetime.

      The latest models are mostly close, but still fall short in power and graphics cards for the premium price.

      I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t see it for what it is …

      1. GoeB,

        Yes, Windows is at least 2 years behind MacOS and it’s clunky but Microsoft would not be so dumb as to deprecate OpenGL as Apple has done and force developers to have to recode their applications at vast expense for no performance gain. Microsoft allows any graphics API to be used and leaves it up to the developer to choose. I love not having to give a crap what bone headed move Apple is going to do now.

        Is it any wonder that these new MacBook Pro keyboards fail due to dust and fluff when this is where the cooling air is drawn in through the gaps in the keys! This counts as great design by Ive and his cronies… It’s no wonder MacBooks cook themselves to death under professional workloads I.e rendering for any length of time. Of course if you’re just posing in a coffee shop you’ll never understand and many don’t.

        Tim Cook’s Apple is a pale imitation of the Apple that produced the classic Mac Pro, the best desktop computer ever made. I loved every single one I owned.

        1. Just a pro user, but sad to read Microsoft is offering more developer options than Apple. Sheesh!

          “Is it any wonder that these new MacBook Pro keyboards fail due to dust and fluff when this is where the cooling air is drawn in through the gaps in the keys!”

          Wow. What a dumb design fraught with problems and his effete highness will never admit it. The thinness obsession is obviously the main culprit. Here’s hoping Apple will pay for its stupid design mistakes.

          “Tim Cook’s Apple is a pale imitation of the Apple”

          Agreed. Tim Cook’s Apple is CLUELESS because he cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. The imbalance of focus for all users is painfully obvious and has gone on for far too long.

          Any caretaker CEO can reach the first trillion dollar company kicking back in the iPhone first class seats on the gravy train. We need a creative CEO that can EFFECTIVELY juggle all the balls in the air at the same time …

          1. Blah friggin blah friggin cannot chew gum and post sense at the same time, blah MAGA blah etc

            The only sense GoeB makes is when she says MAGA.

            The rest of the time GoeB is hypnotized into thinking Windows 3.1 is macOS and she thinks she has something useful to say like criticising Tim Cook

            There is a reason why Tim is CEO and GoeB is some anonymous Cook hater blah-bbering at MDN.

            GoeShe is a shocking shame but the pipeline of MDN spinsanity wouldn’t be the same without her.

            1. You’re right, I am an idiot with bipolar tendencies. Just ignore me, I say weird stuff all the time. One day I’m for #MAGA, the next day I am against anti #MAGA people, which is kind the same thing. Tim Cook is pipeline Timmy, but what the hey, I make as much sense as iOS -34

              Get real fake banned Citizen X, stop stalking me

            2. Well, well, well — BANNED potty mouth CITIZEN X is stalking me AGAIN and now IMPERSONATING ME AGAIN with some of my own words from previous posts. How LOW and DISHONEST can you go? But that’s to be expected from the unemployed FELON CLASS living among us and polluting our discourse with HATE.

              I don’t think the good folks here are fooled for a nano-second. We know your pathetic MO and EVERY TIME your words, misspellings, bad grammar and punctuation — BETRAY YOU.


            3. Normally I would be sympathetic to an imposter like you with all your personal problems that you take out on others. But in your case I will make an exception. No. Just go away FAKE GoeB …

    2. It’s really amazing that folks are still caught saying “I’ll wait until the Mac Pro next year!” How many times must one say that before they realize they’ve waited six years with nothing but empty promises to show for it?

      I’ve been working with folks like you to switch to PC’s for awhile now. Every one of them thought they’d regret their decision but became more productive and, even more importantly, happier as a result. They used to rant on and on about Apple leadership, and iPhone focus, and lack of attention to the Mac. Now, if they’re saying anything about Apple it’s how they wished they had been able to leave them behind sooner.

      I wouldn’t say the “wait until 2019” crowd are your coffee shop poser, but maybe that other thing you said 🙂

      1. “I wouldn’t say the “wait until 2019” crowd are your coffee shop poser.”

        Right. We are pros waiting for Apple to finish the silly pro focus group exercise and make good on their promise to deliver a Mac Pro. I don’t understand the need for a focus group, all Apple needs to do is keep up and LISTEN to the comments section on MDN.

        Honestly, I don’t have high hopes for Apple to fulfill the needs of Pros after all these years. That said, fingers crossed and all we have is HOPE and CHANGE.

        The trashcan was an aggrandizement action for Jony’s ego to win design awards, and tone-deaf to the day to day needs of serious pros. Glaring omission examples: Missing the world’s finest Nvidia graphics cards and more importantly, user upgrade ability and dongle hell.

        I have prepared in advance researching pro PCs. And working on both platforms for decades the transition will be a piece of cake, not that I will like it or prefer it (pro survival).

        The ball is in Apple’s court …

    1. Been saying the same for years, now. My 17” MBP lasted 15 years of trusty use after dying in May. The fully loaded model was about the same price as today.


      The keys were incredibly sturdy, never a problem and lasted all that time with NO LAWSUITS.

      All the ports one needs on both sides avoiding dongle hell.

      As far as I know the upgradability is baked in.

      Can we say the same, today? …

  9. let me try and explain this another way

    you get fucked enough times by the Ford dealer

    and it doesn’t matter what you drove in the war

    you’re gonna buy a Toyota

  10. The first 17 inch MBP was introduced in 2006, 12 years ago. The 17 inch PBG4 (PowerBook G4) was introduced 2003, which would be 15 years. If you’re making do with either of those, then you obviously don’t need the power offered by the current day donglefests.

    For everyone else, they’re looking at a six core portable system that runs the OS of their choice and could put a SERIOUS dent in their workload. Is that power worth the daily dongle dance, dude?

  11. Apple is wise to release pro laptops at this point in the year. It should have updated the MacBook as well. This is the time of year to finalize college tech purchases. Creative pros aren’t the only ones buying the MBP. Plus, the *real* pro users update based on their pro software and ROI; they don’t wait to hop on the latest hardware without testing, especially if they use outboard hardware.

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