Did Apple just show its hand on future low-end, A-series-powered MacBooks?

Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Apple 3.0, “Analysis of the MacBook Pro announcement from friend-of-the-blog John Garner:”

Yesterday’s announcements about refreshing the high-end MacBook Pro models effectively gave away Apple’s plans on the less capable models… What Apple effectively did yesterday was to recapture their R&D expenses on Intel laptops by releasing models in a high margin segment, and left the medium- and low-end segments for its future A-series laptops. [They] bought themselves about six months to get their new ARM chip models ready.

And if you looked closely at the announcement, you can see what technologies will feature in the future lower-end A-series models, i.e., 13.5″ 4k Retina Screen likely with Haptic Engine and TrueTone, much longer battery life (24-hour), 256-512GB SSD, 7nm six-core ARM chip with T2 chip built-in clocked at about 2GHz, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, and 8-16GB of RAM; priced at about $1000 USD.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Bring ’em on!

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    1. Apple has good form with handling these things. I’m sure they have well thought out plans in place as to mess it up would kill the A series Macs stone dead.

  1. Apple: if you want to offer the MacBook Surface RT with built-in app headaches, but sure to also double down on your prior mistakes:

    – make sure it can only run software from your quaint little software store
    – ditch the remaining physical ports so you can sell an overpriced wireless charging pad “available sometime next year”, and users can wait for 2 years for “wireless docks” to become available, adding several hundred dollars to make a usable system
    – reduce thickness another 2 mm so that more battery can be deleted. Be sure to advertise “up to 8 hour battery life when browsing on Facebook”.
    – label the antiquated display “Retina”, because nobody knows exactly what that means anyway. specs don’t matter in cupertino, right?
    – be sure to mark up your SSD drives up even more than the obscene prices you already charge
    – remove all backwards compatibility with legacy 32 bit Mac apps
    – put on a cheaper noisier keyboard — people who don’t know how to type won’t notice the difference
    – be sure to offer no options for GPU or any user servicable RAM
    – add colors to show how innovative you are
    – be sure to charge at least 50% more than the equivalent hardware from any other computer maker
    – advertise how great the T2 chip is, even though every computer maker has accessory chips in their machines as well
    – be sure to abandon more legacy Apple design guidelines so that the Mac no longer has legacy efficiency benefits that come with real file systems, multicore parallel processing, and an OS that supports a variety of data inputs and outputs.
    – call it a Pro. why not? You think anyone who can afford Jony’s pathetic designs must be pros.

    In other words, degrade Mac hardware to become as limited as an iPad but charge top dollar for it. Go ahead and see how stupid that will be, Apple. You have the money to burn.

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