Intel starts making modem chips for upcoming iPhones; chipmaker aims to take the lead in 5G

“Intel has started production of modem chips that will go into Apple’s upcoming iPhones later this year, while the U.S. semiconductor company continues to eye markets beyond personal computers and pledges to take the lead in fifth generation, or 5G, wireless communication after 2019,” Nikkei Asian Review reports.

“‘XMM 7560 [modem chips are] now in the process of being deployed… It is in trial and mass production,’ said Asha Keddy, Intel’s vice president of technology, systems architecture and client group, in an interview on June 7 with the Nikkei Asian Review. ‘To be honest, we have a late start. But now, I believe we’ve caught up and later we want to lead in 5G,'” Nikkei reports. “Keddy’s comments came as most market watchers believe Intel could secure a majority of orders to provide its latest modem chip, the XMM 7560, for the new iPhones, which will debut later this year. But some are cautious that the chipmaker is currently suffering some quality issues.”

“Intel began supplying some modem chips for the iPhone 7 range from 2016 onwards, and continued to gain market share in providing these components to the iPhone 8 range and iPhone X last year,” Nikkei reports. “Keddy said the XMM 7560 modem chip was a “milestone” for her company, as it supports code division multiple access, or CDMA… The chip is also Intel’s first product set to reach data download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second”

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MacDailyNews Take: Widespread 5G capability cannot get here soon enough! Congrats to Intel on achieving the CDMA and 1GHz milestones.

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  1. A milestone on the PR front but, on the tech. level, at what overhead expense? I ask this because I know that Intel is lazy, lumbering, and dependent on past, obsoleting glory.

  2. Reminders:
    • The 5G standard isn’t finished
    • Current testing has gone poorly in some markets, indicating the possibility that the current hardware proposal may be thrown out and revised.
    • That doesn’t stop mobile providers from HYPING! the hell out of 5G.
    • If we’re lucky, we’ll see 5G offered to the public in 2020, not before, possibly after. You have permission to hit me if I’m wrong. 😉

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