Apple’s macOS Mojave comes with new 64-bit DVD Player app with Touch Bar and Dark Mode support

“Apple has been warning us that it plans to stop supporting 32-bit applications on Macs for some time, but one of the last remaining 32-bit Mac apps Apple provides, DVD Player, looked like it was never gonna get an upgrade,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must.

“However the macOS Mojave beta team has rebuilt the app to 64-bit and given it a new icon,” Evans writes. “The app has also been rewritten with AppKit and also supports the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. It also supports Mojave’s new ‘Dark Mode.'”

Evans writes, “This is great news for Mac users using built-in or external SuperDrives or other third-party CD/DVD systems to watch DVDs on their Macs.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Rejoice, Mac-using DVD mavens!

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  1. One of the most reliable, affordable, and durable data archives invented in the last two decades. With a DVD, you don’t have to pay monthly fees, manage an account or apps, worry about drive backup, or concern yourself with bit rot on a drive.

    In short, a DVD just works. Clouds and magnetic media not so much.

    Bluray is even better, if only Apple understood that some customers are not online 24/7.

      1. Years ago after iTunes was released, I began converting my CD collection (~400 or so) into Apple Lossless. Every so often I ran into a read issue – I put those disks aside for later evaluation. These were clean, nearly pristine disks (by all appearances), stored indoors in a climate-controlled residence and handled carefully by adults.

        The reflective layer on a DVD/CD is located beneath the printed label. The thickness of the DVD/CD is mostly the polycarbonate on top of the reflective later. It turns out that the micropores in the printed label side can enable corrosion in the silver reflective layer, leaving tiny clear spots. When I held the problematic CDs up to the light, the tiny spots looked like constellations and galaxies of stars. This effect seemed to be associated primarily with CDs that had minimalist labels – I am guessing that the clear top coat alone has sufficient porosity to enable corrosion. I also believe that higher quality media using a gold reflective layer would be much more resistant to corrosion.

        Anyway, I ended up with around 20 CDs that were damaged beyond recovery out of 400 (5%). That is not a comfortable percentage when even one tiny hole destroys lots of precious bits of data. Do *not* depend on CDs and DVDs for long term data storage and backups. You should rewrite the data to new media every three to five years, at a guess.

        1. It is true, like all things, that there is a range of quality in optical discs. I too have had the misfortune of the occasional bad disc, however that was almost 20 years ago. Most problematic were not the the factory-etched media, but rather the recordable media, CD-Rs and CD-RWs will definitely not stand the test of time, most manufacturers will state that up front.

          If you have a properly sealed factory manufactured optical disc, especially later discs like gold CDs, or DVDs, or BluRays, corrosion is not an issue at all. You are _much_ more likely to lose data from cloud transfer failures or SSD failures or hard drive failures.

          Note also that as of today, the quality of movie or audio files can be better from optical discs than from any other consumer-available format. SACD trounces any music service, and UHD BluRay trounces all online video. That’s a fact Jack.

    1. The default method for storing data long term remains write-once optical discs, I.E. CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray. If properly stored, they’re proving to have a long and reliable lifespan. Gold backed discs continue to be the best for avoiding oxidation defects.

      Note, this does not include RW, rewritable discs.

    1. QuickTime Player 7 is 32-bit and is therefore dead on 10.14.

      QuickTime ’10’ is 64-bit (after years of Apple foot dragging) and will live on. However, the demise of QuickTime Player 7 has further roused the hue and cry to at long bloody last update QuickTime ’10’ to have ALL the features of 7, which it does not.

  2. Thank you Apple!

    Thank you SO much for supporting a drive and program that many of us long time peasants I mean supporters have used.

    How can we ever repay-pay you?

    We are TRULY not worthy….

    1. It is true that Apple has acquired a big head in recent years, owing no doubt to their receipts which beggar comprehension. And they always did tend to be holier-than-thou, softened only by the shrewd pronouncements of the svengali Steve Jobs. Now they have become insufferable: still running lifestyle adverts and acting like they know what they are doing but with a product line that is pallid at best. The thrill is gone. Now they are much like all the rest, boasting and coasting. So sad when one grows up and comes to realise that one’s beloved uncle isn’t the virtuous exemplar after all, but yet another salacious opportunist. Needless to say, it all goes down more easily when one has already laboured under the Windows hegemony and come to understand that business is business, and religion and ethics little more than marketing tactics.

  3. Oh good. The possibility of no DVD Player app in 10.14 was scaring some users. Sadly, I expect it will still force DRM crap to be honored/inflicted. Therefore, VLC shall remain the default DVD player for the cognoscenti. Great thanks to the VLC open source team! We <3 U.

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