Google’s new ‘YouTube Music’ is not a threat to Apple Music or Spotify

“Announced earlier this month, Alphabet subsidiary Google is launching its new YouTube Music service today,” Evan Niu writes for The Motley Fool. “There will be a free version of YouTube Music that is supported by ads, as well as a YouTube Music Premium tier at the same $10-per-month price point that’s standard for similar services. The company is essentially splitting up its current YouTube Red offering into a premium video service and a premium music service. The video component will simply be YouTube Premium.”

“Do Spotify Technology and Apple — which command about 115 million premium subscribers combined — have anything to worry about?” Niu writes. “Probably not.”

“Google has a bad reputation of offering numerous overlapping services, confusing consumers in the process. Messaging is easily the worst offender, but the same is true for music,” Niu writes. “The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) put out some estimates about a year ago for 2016 payout rates, and it’s perfectly clear which service the record labels would prefer thrive.”

Payments to music creators per 1,000 streams
Source: RIAA via Medium via TMF

“Apple and Spotify have both gained critical mass at this point,” Niu writes. “Spotify leads the streaming revolution, with 75 million premium subscribers, and… Apple Music recently hit 40 million [sic] [recte 50 million]paid subscribers, and the Mac maker has a storied history defending the industry’s economics.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The world doesn’t need yet another Apple Music also-ran especially since Spotify will be relegated to that status soon enough.

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  1. I remember when I was a kid, everybody got free over the air TV stations. The price to pay was having to watch commercials.
    Now, we have cable TV that we have to pay for and we still get the added cost to us of having to watch commercials.

    The same thing is going to happen to radio someday.

  2. Why would one read the Motley Fool? Isn’t the name enough to tell you what level of content you are going to get?

    If free streaming music from Google isn’t a threat to paid music subscription services, what is? Google and Facebook have successfully conditioned tens of millions of people that privacy is unimportant, and the convenience of “free” services is worth any datamining price.

    It is unclear why MDN bothers to post this rubbish and then turn around and whine about the accuracy of analysts. You posted it, you must think it’s worth reading. How about this: Stick to Mac news.

  3. I think Wall Street considers everything a threat to some Apple product or service. Who cares? Choice is good. If Apple could bundle some streaming video content with AppleMusic, I think Apple would do well even if there is competition. Apple knows how to keep their books balanced and that’s more than good enough.

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