China now as big a market for Apple as Europe on strong growth and iPhone X success

“Recent analyst and market intelligence company reports on Apple’s performance in China have been pessimistic to say the least,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “The consistent narrative was that Apple was struggling to compete with local brands, and that its flagship iPhone X model was too expensive for Chinese consumers.”

“In fact, Q2 was a huge quarter for the company in Greater China, the company reporting more 21% growth in the region,” Lovejoy reports. “And as for the iPhone X being too spendy, Tim Cook said not, reporting that the flagship iPhone was the most popular smartphone in the country across the quarter.”

“Cook singled out Macs as a strong contributor in China in the previous quarter, and said this time that Mac sales in the region set a new record,” Lovejoy reports. “While Apple famously doesn’t like to talk about future products, a lower-cost LCD iPhone with an iPhone X-like design seems to give significant reason for optimism later in the year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Those multitudinous reports of “poor iPhone X sales” due to being “too expensive” were excellent examples of fake news.

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  1. Great news for Apple from China, and Apple should focus on China as the devices are assembled there. India is a nightmare, unfair, poor market that Apple should not spend too much effort cultivating market share there. Wasting time in India is an uphill race to the bottom, let android have it. Android setup and business policy is very well suited to cheap skates.

      1. @ peterblood,

        India has a very large population and many of them have quite a bit of spending power and like to show it. The appearance of doing well is a very commonly seen trait in India and Apple’s products fit into that category, even though buying them costs a higher percentage of a typical Indian’s salary than would be the case in the west.

        Tim Cook clearly understands the opportunities presented by India, just as he did with China many years ago. When Apple started looking to sell in China, there used to be a lot of uninformed criticism of Apple’s plans to expand into China and even quite recently we were being assured by armchair critics that nobody in China had any money to buy Apple’s products. China now has a massive middle class with money to spend on international travel and high quality western goods. India is following that same trajectory.

        1. Indians should spend money on more important things like hospitals, better transport, clean air, water and sewage treatment plants and offer its citizens decent standard of living instead of buying flashy items like Apple goods. India is too over rated, the bombastic rhetoric does not match the reality on the street, especially when it comes to rapes, corruption, child workers and muggins

        2. The India which you describe is nothing like the India that I have seen for myself and neither does it fit with what my Indian friends and colleagues say when they are over here. You talk about the reality on the street. Exactly how many times have you visited India?

          Of course they have problems, just like any other country including the USA, but the people themselves are very hard working, highly motivated and want a better life. They would put many westerners to shame for their work ethic.

          India is an upwardly mobile country and therefore a promising market opportunity for Apple.

    1. The term “fake news” has become overused, in my opinion. News can be inaccurate without being fake. The difference is the intent, I believe.

      When false information is intentionally distributed to effect an outcome, that is fake news.

      When information that is later determined to be false was included in publications, then that is an error that is subject to retraction and correction. Without the intent to deceive/manipulate, it is not fake news.

      When information that is accurate, but happens to conflict with the opinions or desires of some people, is called fake news to discredit it, then the attempt to discredit is the fake news. The original article is simply inconveniently accurate for some people in power. This ad hominem “fake news” attack, which has become commonplace in the current Administration, is highly detrimental to our democracy. People need to face up to the truth, even if they don’t like it.

      Take away – no matter how many times you call something fake news, you cannot transform truth into falsehood, or vice versa. This type of attack is simply an offshoot of the label and disparage movement that is destroying social and political discourse in the United States of America.

  2. “China now as big a market for Apple as Europe on strong growth and iPhone X success”

    These guys are idiots. Don’t they know the iPhone X is being discontinued because no one is buying them? I think it even might be the end of OLED screens and dot-projecting 3D Face ID cameras because nobody wants those features so the suppliers are all going to lose money this year.

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