Apple again met with California DMV executives last month to talk autonomous driving

“California DMV executives requested a meeting with Apple on March 16, 2018. The meeting was held on April 2, 2018, macReports learned via documents requested pursuant to the Public Records Act,” Serhat Kurt reports for macReports. “This is particularly interesting because the meeting request came from DMV, not Apple.”

“The meeting was requested by Bernard Soriano (Deputy Director – DMV),” Kurt reports. “Bernard Soriano contacted Steve Kenner (Apple) to arrange the meeting.”

“We know that during the meeting the group discussed autonomous vehicles,” Kurt reports. “The title of the meeting was simply ‘Meeting with Apple.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not a huge surprise since it’s common knowledge that Apple is testing self-driving vehicles in California, but it does confirm that the work continues.

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[Attribution: 9to5Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. I am sorry, Snoop, I missed the part where you enlightened us regarding your extensive Fortune 500 management experience and your unprecedentedly deep insight into Apple’s operations. /s

      The arrogance of the backseat CEOs on this forum never ceases to amaze me. Yes, Apple has a number of challenges on its plate and it has performed less than admirably in several areas – the release of a new Mac Pro, as a notable example. But I have no reason to believe that Apple is failing to invest time, money, or other resources to address these shortcomings. Given that the results are not up to expectations, perhaps the shortcomings are due to a variety of factors including poor management, wrong personnel/skill mix, conflicting or shifting priorities, etc. Yes, Apple needs to fix those things. No, Apple should not shut down R&D to do so.

      1. Mr No Name, you misunderstand me, i never said Apple should shut down R&D, that is detrimental. I did however meant this Apple car project is a dead end “Expense” and should be culled. It is draining resources that should be applied elsewhere. Google, who has better maps and AI then Apple, have had trouble with self driving cars (some are Volvos modfied to drive without a human) and these had accidents. When Google has accidents, it just normal news and then you hear nothing. If an Apple Car has such accidents, it is PR nightmare and unnecessary sensationalism. Apple should do research but not with the car, very much like getting rid of $25 million / year salaried Eddy Cue. The money can be used to improve Apple software, especially SIRI. Apple came to the Homepod market late, although the hardware is great the soft ware is not. No Stereo pairing despite the late entry to the market. These are thing Apple needs to sort out instead of this self drive car researching

  1. The question about autonomous cars and trucks is this:
    When someone gets killed by one of these self driving things, who is liable?

    Sooner or later one of these cars or trucks is going to run someone – a cyclist or pedestrian – over. Same for cause a fatality accident.

    It is not acceptable to allow makers of such systems to escape liability nor is it acceptable to stiff those harmed by an autonomous car or truck.

  2. It does seem like a waste of effort…why the hell would anyone want to trust an Apple autonomous driving system when you can’t even get Siri right, after how many years? I can see them releasing it as a beta first….good luck with the volunteers for that one.

    1. There is much more testing that goes into engineering projects that puts life in harms way. Siri is not going to cause a death and so the testing and developement of Siri won’t be as rigorous as the development of automated driving. So we can’t really draw any conclusions on the trust-worthiness of Apples automated driving based on Siri, even if Siri is a huge disappointment.

  3. California needs to start enforcing the laws. Basically it is really the wild, wild west out here. People cut you off if you leave 6 inches open in front of you and then give you the bird. CHP does not enforce carpool lane violations. No wonder I have to pack my Glock, hopefully I’ll never have to use it. With autonomous cars, expect people on both sides to die. A bunch of crazy MFs out here.

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