Apple’s A.I. efforts get shot of adrenaline with Giannandrea coup

“Apple has been criticized for not doing enough in AI,” Gene Munster writes for Loup Ventures. “Two recent announcements show the company is closing the gap.”

“In the past two weeks the company has announced the hiring of Google’s AI head, and an AI partnership with IBM,” Munster writes.

“Google’s AI head (John Giannandrea) brings credibility to Apple AI, critical in recruiting, and is likely work on AI-powered interfaces and Apple’s self-driving car program.,” Munster writes. “IBM partnership allows iOS developers access to IBM Watson’s enterprise machine learning, and use it to make smarter AI apps.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Thankfully, Apple seems to have finally had enough of the “Siri sucks” meme.

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  1. Issue is, when Siri gets better thanks to this recruitment, Google will say and accuse Apple of stealing Google AI capability. The mud throwing will be constant and relentless. Hope i am wrong, that google dont behave so low

    1. Google can bitch all they want. Apple isn’t stealing their AI- they are out-bidding them for it. Hopefully, Apple will be using AI for good purposes that help the user rather than getting more creative at stealing personal data.

    2. While this was probably a good hire, anyone who thinks there is any one person that’s going to fundamentally change things is a bit naive. Apple already has some of the best minds in the world working on this.

      Here’s the thing. Much of Google’s success comes from the vast amount of data that Google gathers from it’s web crawlers and search engine, etc. That and the tremendous amount of personal information Google takes from users of its services. Apple (thankfully) doesn’t operate that way. Apple’s AI will improve, but it’s not going to be from this one hire.

      1. I’m leaning towards the new hire helping Apple synchronize Siri’s learning across all the user’s Apple devices since it appears they want to differentiate themselves via on-board AI, evidenced by the custom chip installed specifically for that purpose.

  2. I am sure this will make no difference

    Timmy will make it impossible for him to do anything, and he will leave after a year and go back to GOOG with all the stolen Apple insider secrets.

    1. Interesting possibly that makes sense if you start thinking of these large corporations as nation-states. They certainly have the resources and connections to create their own intelligence services, recruit “spies”, and engage in tradecraft, so why not plant moles with the competition?

      Cue the 007 music!

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