“We saw yesterday how Microsoft’s absence in mobile led to the removal of Surface tablets from Delta’s employee offerings, and today we have more evidence of the erosion of Microsoft’s dominance in the enterprise as companies increasingly work to simplify their platforms,” MSPoweruser reports.

“Industrial giant GE has announced a partnership with Apple to bring Predix, GE’s software platform for the Industrial Internet, to Apple’s iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets,” MSPoweruser reports. “The new Predix-iOS software development kit will include tools that software developers can use to write industrial apps that will run on Apple’s iOS operating system.”

“As part of the partnership, GE will make iPhones and iPads the preferred mobile devices for their workers around the world,” MSPoweruser reports. “GE will also be offering Apple’s Mac computers as an option for their 330,000 employees.”

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GE “will let any GE employee who wants a Mac have one, instead of a Windows PC,” Andrew Orlowski reports for The Register. “GE follows the lead of IBM, which has supplied 100,000 staff with Macs, and has been touting the lower cost of Macs in the enterprise as a result. IBM claimed last year that 40 per cent of Windows users called the IT help desk, compared to 5 per cent of Mac users – a shocking figure. A deployment of 90,000 required only five admins. And although Apple hardware costs much more initially, IBM reckons it is making considerable total cost of ownership savings over a four-year period: some $273 to $543 per Mac.”

“iOS 11 doesn’t do a great deal for the iPhone, but it transforms the iPad into a viable computer,” Orlowski reports. “The drag and drop makes the clipboard redundant for many operations. The whole thing exudes confidence.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We Mac users have been telling the world for decades that Macs are less expensive in the long run due to reliability and security.

Even before iPhone, a few hearty souls foresaw that the Dark Age of Personal Computing was drawing to a close:

As we have always said, even as many short-sightedly waved (and continue to wave) the white flag, the war is not over. And, yes, we shall prevail… No company is invincible. Not even Microsoft. — MacDailyNews, January 10, 2005

Why are so many people so afraid to imagine an end to the dark ages of personal computing? Too many MSFT shares in the mutual fund? We have no such problem. Apple Mac will embrace, then extinguish – whether analysts grasp what’s happening or not. — MacDailyNews, March 23, 2007

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