“Late one Friday when no one was looking, Apple quietly updated the business support section of its website, Apple at Work,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “The move wasn’t widely advertised, but it reflects the growing importance the company places in the enterprise markets.”

“It wasn’t long ago that saying Apple products have a place in enterprise IT would open you to acres of ridicule,” Evans writes. “That’s not the case today, as Apple becomes an essential item in every enterprise tool kit. IBM calls Apple ‘pervasive in the enterprise,’ while Jamf CEO Dean Hager notes that his own internal company research suggests 75% of enterprise users would choose a Mac for their next computer if given the choice.”

Evans writes, “The newly-updated Apple at Work site provides new chunks of data, interesting videos, fresh insights from business leaders and a great deal of help and advice designed to help enterprise users apply these technologies across their industries.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Smart companies equip their employees with Apple products.

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