Apple Music hits 40 million paid subscribers milestone

“Apple Music has swelled to 40 million subscribers, according to a Tweet noting the occasion by the company’s content director in France, Steven Huon,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider.

“The number has grown by more than two million versus what Senior Vice President Eddy Cue noted at the SXSW interview about two weeks ago,” Wuerthele reports. “While neither Huon’s or Cue’s numbers are dated or precise, the expansion suggests that Apple Music growth rates are either still good, or climbing month-over-month.”

“Apple Music recently greatly expanded with a Music Videos section, initially announced as part of iOS 11.3, alongside a number of other updates,” Wuerthele reports. “Appearing in the Browse tab of the Apple Music tab, the Music Videos section highlights some of the video content produced to accompany songs streamable on the service.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Boy, convincing people to have access to an immense library of recorded music for a relative pittance remains a long hard slog. That said, inexorably, Apple Music rises to the top!

Apple Music has rendered Spotify’s future decidedly dimmer.

The best customers are those who pay. As demonstrated by years of data, form disparate sources, those paying customers are also significantly more likely to be iPhone owners than those who’ve settled for poor iPhone facsimiles. A healthy portion of these coveted customers will leave for Apple’s comprehensive offering which offers better family rates, more music, likely exclusives, and seamless integration across all Apple devices. It’ll even work with crappy Windows PCs and Android phones eventually (not that those are likely to be Spotify’s paying customers, but whatever, some of them will join Apple Music and maybe even graduate to Apple devices because of it).

Spotify could quickly be left with an unprofitable system, with a dwindling music library because they cannot afford to pay music royalties. — MacDailyNews, June 9, 2015

Spotify is a poor man’s Apple Music. The demographics in this race, as ever, greatly favor Apple in the long run. — MacDailyNews, January 3, 2018

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    1. I’m willing to bet AppleMusic isn’t being valued by Wall Street like Spotify is. Spotify is being valued as a nearly $30B company. I doubt AppleMusic is even being valued at $10B and as you say, there are no full-time freeloaders except for those three-month trial members. AppleMusic should have much higher profitability than Spotify.

      I’m not trying to put down Spotify, but I’d certainly like for Wall Street to give Apple some streaming props in terms of value. Spotify has been in the streaming game a lot longer than Apple, so I think Apple is doing a rather decent job so far.

      1. Still trying to work out why Apple doesn’t get more respect from Wall Street and reward shareholders like you? I keep telling you, your idea of value doesn’t gibe with theirs. Learn theirs, become one of them, become rich, become content, and stop hoping that Wall Street will ever wake up and smell the roses. They aren’t asleep, and they smell only fear.

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