Apple’s new iPhones are going to destroy Samsung’s dog-slow Galaxy Note 9; in fact, Apple’s current iPhones will, too

“Samsung’s just-released Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ flagship phones are the two most powerful handsets the company has ever built,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR. “Early reports suggest they’re not selling anywhere near as well as last year’s Galaxy S8 and S8+, but that’s understandable since they feature a design that is nearly identical to Samsung’s 2017 flagships.”

“Some Samsung fans who are holding out and skipping the Galaxy S9 plan to wait until later this year to check out the other high-profile flagship phone Samsung will ship in 2018… the Galaxy Note 9,” Epstein writes. “Unfortunately — though not surprisingly — the first big Galaxy Note 9 leak brings some news that is less than ideal.”

“On Wednesday afternoon, we covered the first big Galaxy Note 9 leak of the year. Geekbench 4 benchmark test results were discovered on the Geekbench website, giving the world its first taste of the upcoming Note 9. The phone’s scores were roughly in line with the current Galaxy S9, which isn’t surprising since the Note 9 that appeared on the Geekbench site is powered by the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset,” Epstein writes. “So, how did the Galaxy Note 9 do? It racked up a respectable 2190 on the single-core Geekbench 4.2 test, and an 8806 on the multi-core test… They have the ‘Android vs. iPhone’ crowd reeling. Why? Because this year’s Galaxy Note 9, which will launch around the same time as Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup, won’t even be as powerful as last year’s iPhones.”

“Apple’s single-core scores are nearly double the Galaxy Note 9’s score. The single-core score is arguably the more important score, because it indicates how well a phone performs while handling typical, everyday tasks. Apple’s 2017 iPhones also reach as high as 10005 on the multi-core test, topping the Note 9’s score of 8806 by a wide margin,” Epstein writes. “Add to that a next-generation Apple A series chipset that will undoubtedly offer levels of performance that have never been seen before on any mobile device, and you’ve got a next-generation iPhone lineup with power that is going to absolutely pummel the Note 9 and other 2018 Android phones.”

Read more and see all of the benchmarks in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Smirk.

With each passing year, and especially with iPhone X, it becomes increasingly clear – even to the Android settlers – that the competition has no chance of even remotely keeping up against Apple’s unmatched vertically integrated one-two punch of custom software and custom hardware. The Android to iPhone upgrade train just turned onto a long straightaway, engines stoked, primed to barrel away! — MacDailyNews, September 13, 2017

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  1. Remember the Intel vs. PowerPC wars? It was all about SPEED with Wintel vs Mac……. and BOY OH BOY did the IT dufuses grill us on that benchmark speed gap.

    What say you ZuneTang? Well?

    Oh…. & where the hell is Dvorak? IDIOT. iDo miss Monkey Boy too…. developers? Hello…. MSFT? How’s that Windoze Phone working’ out for YA?

    1. Microsoft should buy Hewlett-Packard (sell the printer division), then buy Intel. This would transform MSFT is a vertically integrated firm better able to Address the Apple juggernaut. Alas, it may be too late.

          1. You can buy a brand new slow Android when you get paid! Getting sh#t done fast is for the birds. You’re one of those deliberate slow-moving Android users. Speed is not for you!

          2. There are market segments that favor Android devices, and you are apparently in one of them – the run whatever I want and who cares about security group.

            You can gripe all that you want about walled gardens. I have not felt the constraint at all. I have never felt like I am bumping up against any boundaries. If I ever feel like Apple is overly restrictive, then I will make the company aware of the issue. But I am a very satisfied Apple customer at this point. I have lofty (but reasonable for Apple) expectations and I let Apple know when it falls short.

            1. Neither you nor I can even know the constraint. Innovation was stifled by censorship. The PC flourished in breadth and depth by freedom to innovate. Some was awesome, a whole lot was terrible. That’s how it works.

              As far as security goes, I’m not uncaring, I choose to patrol it for myself. It’s preferable to censorship. You, as a fellow user forcing censorship upon me is like forbidding bacon in my “Apple Microwave” because it’s not good for me. There can only be one answer to that, and you don’t deserve it.

              Answer me this, if someone cracks iOS do we blame Apple or the bad guys? You should be blaming Apple, I blame the bad guys.

          3. More slogans!

            Android. Slow but you can run forbidden apps!
            Android. Slow but also less secure!
            Android. I can afford an iPhone X… no really… I can.

            1. Mo Moneh, mo Moneh, Mo Moneh….

              But it’s not just Android, I will always use the largest open access platform. Other than iOS, it’s Android right now. No loyalty though. But that’s the beaty of Android, Samsung pisses me off…? LG! LG annoying? Moto, etc….

          4. Even more slogans!

            Android. Open… slowly.

            Android. It is slow… but so open you won’t want that iPhone X that you can totally afford wink wink. No no, we know… you can afford it. No really… we believe you…

          5. I’m a first time commenter. Slow but uncensored was too good to not comment. I do honestly with all my heart believe you can afford an iPhone X though. No… really… wink… you can totally afford it.. no I know… you can.

          6. I get it now. Looking at some other comments a lot of people reply to you with fake names. How do you have time for so many arguments all the time? Oh I know you’re waiting for your slow Android phone. Another slogan! Android. Never miss a comment war while you wait for your phone to load.

    2. News flash: Windows won despite giving Apple every opportunity to to outflank it with superior value.

      Want proof? Compare the Mac app store to the software available for Windows. 3rd party Mac software is amateur hour compared to what you can do on Windows now.

      Seriously, the Mac could be better in every way if Apple invested in it. But Cook let it die. Now it’s only the platform of choice for security when you have _limited_ needs. In other words, perfect for students and light work. Not for bleeding edge pros, not mainstream industries, not any technical design or manufacturing to speak of. Apple fucked up the Mac, and Apple continues to fuck up education. All Cook can do is cash checks for iphone app sales and useless timewaster iOS games. Think different, my ass.

      1. While I extremely strongly do agree that Apple has made many horrible missteps with the Mac over the past years (with things ranging from the idiocy of the chip vendors [IBM & Motorola, we’re looking at you] for the G4 series and the failed G5 to the current state of the Mac Pro) I radically disagree that there is no high end, professional software for the Mac.

        Yes there are niches where nothing exists for the Mac (e.g., electron-photon transport codes, true ray tracing optics design software, AGI’s STK, and computational fluid dynamics software), but for the vast majority of professionals there are alternatives.

  2. if you can get samsungs for 2 for one deals, %50 off or get one every year, then it’s kinda doesn’t hold their value. Only people who can’t afford an apple or don’t know crap about what the differeance is go for android.

  3. I was having an issue with my iPhone lightning port not charging so I stopped in at the place I got it and they said if they had to send it for repair I could have a free loaner phone. A brand new Samsung. If I wanted an iPhone loaner I had to leave a $500 deposit. That kinda says it all doesn’t it?

    Turns out it was just lint collected in the lightning port. A wooden toothpick and one minute later it was charging fine again.

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