Apple’s strategy for iOS and macOS: Take more time to squash the bugs, unify iOS and Mac apps

“Apple has new features planned for its big, new iOS update — but not as many as you may expect,” Valentina Palladino reports for Ars Technica. “According to a Bloomberg report, the next sweeping iOS update, codenamed ‘Peace’ and likely to be called iOS 12, will include a number of app redesigns, the expansion of Animoji into FaceTime, and other changes but not some of the biggest rumored changes such as redesigned home screens for iPhone and iPad. Instead of filling iOS 12 with a bevy of new features, Apple is reportedly changing strategies to allow developers more time to perfect the new features to ensure reliability.”

“The biggest change planned for iOS 12, slated for release this fall, is a universal app system that would allow one app to work across iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers,” Palladino reports. “Currently, users have to download separate iOS and macOS apps to use the same programs across their mobile devices and desktops or laptops. Along with this change, Apple could bring some mobile-specific apps to macOS, like the Home app that controls HomeKit-enabled smart home devices.”

Palladino reports, “Rather than stuff a bunch of new features into a big annual software release — like Apple has done consistently over the years — the company is reportedly focusing on perfecting new tools to reduce bugs and increase overall quality.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve advocated and as we’ve described for years now.

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  1. “a universal app system that would allow one app to work across iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers”

    Is this going to be more dumbing down of the Mac apps that have iOS versions like before. I don’t want my Mac apps to work anything like an iOS app. That is just stupid. Isn’t that why Steve Jobs didn’t try to shoehorn the MacOS onto a tablet like Microsoft did? Let each platform use its strength.

  2. How about unifying the Apple apps in iOS? Timer and Alarm have their similar pause, snooze, stop, off buttons reverse. Now that is idiotic careless, workmanship.

    1. Timer and Alarm are 2 separate Apps in iOS? Are those also separate from the clock App? Is there another app for Stopwatch?

      All 4 are included in a single clock App in Android, at least across all the default clock apps installed on Android devices.

  3. Oh, gosh, yes! Finally we might have separate apps on the Mac for music, stores, podcasts and such. That’d give better handoff too. I also hope they tie the notification centers and systems together, so that I can get iPhone notifications on my Mac and deal with them all there. Oh yes, Apple is becoming alive again! Devin Prater Assistive Technology Instructor

    , Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and Powerpoint instructor certified by World Services for the Blind


  4. Good. The bugs and the user experiences are intolerable. I just discovered another series fuckups. Apple used to be the pinnacle of tech, but now their products are turds just like all the rest.

    Now I’m hold for over 30 minutes just to talk with a brainless tier 1. Apple has turned into the Dell of the early 2000’s: stinking dung. Actually, I think Dell answered the phone quicker, although their and HP reps couldn’t speak English.

    Update: back on hold to talk with tier 2. Last time a “senior advisor” told me to watch a WWDC video *rolls eyes*

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