Study: Facebook is for old people

“Is Facebook losing itself to the olds?” Sidney Fussell reports for Gizmodo. “A new study released from research firm eMarketer predicts Facebook lost 2.8 million users under the age of 25 last year as many of them move to the aggressively youthful Snapchat.”

“eMarketer is an outside research firm without privileged access to Facebook’s numbers, so take these numbers more as estimates than exact figures,” Fussell reports. “Facebook lost users in all three ‘youth’ groups: users under 11 years old, 12- to 17-year-olds, and 18 to 24 years old. Facebook’s steepest estimated drop last year, according to eMarketer, was in the middle category: 1.4 million teens were no longer regular users. Facebook’s estimated drop in younger users last year dovetails neatly with Snap’s growth in 2017, when it gained about 1.9 million users under 25. ”

“Facebook still reigns supreme with its 1.4 billion daily users compared to Snapchat’s 187 million, but the changes in user growth reflect a longstanding cultural truth: what old people like isn’t cool,” Fussell reports. “It’s entirely possible that Facebook is less popular with young people precisely because it’s so popular with older people. Can a platform be ‘cool’ if your aunt, grandfather, and third grade teacher all use it?”

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MacDailyNews Take: In case you need it, here’s Facebook’s Delete My Account button.

We haven’t had personal FaceBook accounts for many years now. And happily so.MacDailyNews, May 11, 2017

Beyond the privacy aspect, Facebook is Creepster Central. It’s a Narcissists’ Paradise. In general, yuck. — MacDailyNews, March 27, 2015

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  1. Not a good take. Listen, there’s a lot wrong with Facebook but it’s a GREAT tool for people to be a part of each other’s lives. I grew up in NYC and had a ton of friends growing up. As we’ve gotten older and had our own kids, we don’t see each other much anymore. Thanks to FB, we can still see what is going on in each others’ lives. That means something to me. Sorry if that’s not cool enough for anyone.

  2. I like Facebook. Like anything else, it’s how you use it. What snobs- you sound like bratty old farts. “Don’t criticize what you don’t understand.” Some people are morons, some people a narcissists, many ways to use or abuse anything from your time to technology to your life in general.

    1. …to get away from admitting who our prez is and other facts of daily life. FB is a great tool for massaging our needs as it’s been called a “social validation feedback loop” by one the founders. Nothing like a good ostrich-izer session.

  3. It gives me a blog with 5,000 followers I wouldn’t have otherwise. My own website brought me less than 50.

    So I’ll take it.

    And living in different parts of the country and friends dispersed around the world, I at least know a bit about their lives and keep them in mind.

    But it can be and often is evil, and is, IMO helping silo us more than connect us….

    …yeah contradictions. I am legion, haha….

  4. I’m good. Snapchat isn’t doing anything to include blind people in its app. Facebook at least tries to try to include us. Devin Prater Assistive Technology Instructor

    , Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and Powerpoint instructor certified by World Services for the Blind


  5. “2.8 million users under the age of 25 last year as many of them move to the aggressively youthful Snapchat.”
    Many moved… most just got a year older 🙂

  6. stupid article and lies. The reality is once someone is over 21 they dump snapchat and its brain damaged UI because they no longer have to hide their online persona from their parents, and they are all on instagram and facebook.

    millenials love to virtue posture that they hate facebook (welcome to the club) and that they dont do it, but it is by FAR, millenials that send me links to facebook videos. So virtue signaling aside, this is all bs, millenials are assimilated and borg’d to facebook.

    I notice this, because I do not have a facebook account, not because [let me get on my soapbox to show how brooklyn hipster I am] it’s just not for me. But millenials are the ones that constantly make me go to those annoying square freak’n videos.

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