“According to a report by Jennifer Goldbeck written for Slate, Facebook [keeps] tabs on when people enter text in the Facebook browser interface and then choose to not share it (a practice the company terms ‘self censorship’),” Christopher Breen reports for Macworld. “However—again according to the Slate article—the company doesn’t collect the text you type, only when you fail to share it.:

“If this specific behavior creeps you out you might instead choose to compose your Facebook messages in a text editor. When you’re sure that you want to share them, paste that text into your browser and post,” Breen reports. “That will prevent the service from tracking aborted messages. However, if this is a ‘last straw’ kind of decision, read on.”

“I left Facebook nearly four years ago because of its casual attitude toward its users’ privacy and nothing I’ve seen since has convinced me that this was a mistake. So, I sympathize,” Breen reports. “Fortunately, it’s easy to leave.”

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