Confirmed: China Mobile already has 45 million Apple iPhones on its network

“Apple’s China Mobile deal is as good as done. iPhone5S and iPhone 5C will launch on the world’s biggest carrier this week,” Stasys Bielinis reports for Unwired View. “Even without an official announcement, China Mobile has the new iPhone promotion/pre-registration page running for several days already.”

“China Mobile now says that it has 45 million iPhone users,” Bielinis reports.

“All of them still unofficial, stuck on GPRS/EDGE,” Bielinis reports. “How many of them, do you think, will rush to upgrade the first day iPhone 5S is offered by their carrier? Especially with those big subsidies we told you about last week?”

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    1. U R right yet again hannahjs.
      All China mobile has to do is send a text to its existing customers to advise them of the upcoming iPhone. Add that to an early bird offer and China Mobile has a potential opportunity to have the largest take up on iphones anywhere in the world in an instant, without spending a single cent on publicity or advertising.
      Best of all, the delay could be because they already know the numbers required and are working with Apple inc. to meet that order number on day one.
      Day one therefor could be a moving target for all we know.

  1. China Mobile is preparing for an iPhone launch with zero pre-sales, zero pre-orders, zero TV & radio advertisements, zero special data packages for 4G switchers, zero publicity, zero posters, zero pre-announcements, zero in store training for sales staff, and zero hype.

    They must be expecting zero customers to sign up.

      1. Don’t you think international news gathering organisations would have latched on to the free publicity of an iPhone launch by now?

        China Mobile is keeping awfully quiet about the potential availability of the BEST SELLING SMARTPHONE ON EARTH??

    1. Why do so many people have a hard time understanding this?

      Prior to the official launch of the iPad Air, how many articles/news pieces did you see on:
      – Pre-sales? (None)
      – TV Ads? (None)
      – Radio Ads? (None)
      – Special Data Packages? (None)
      – Publicity (None)
      – Posters (None)
      – Pre-Announcements (Really? Are you just a moron?)
      – Training (No one would have known)
      – Hype? (LOTS)

      Let’s compare to China Mobile and Apple – RIGHT NOW
      – Pre-sales? (None – Just the same)
      – TV Ads? (None – Just the same)
      – Radio Ads? (None – Just the same)
      – Special Data Packages? (Actually, yes, those that reserve the start model get a special data package)
      – Publicity (Lots – WSJ, Fortune, Forbes, AP, Reuters, CNN, Xinghua, etc. have all commented on the launch)
      – Posters (Several – Plus the iPhone is on the China Mobile website)
      – Pre-Announcements (See: Publicity)
      – Training (Same – No one would have known)
      – Hype? (LOTS – See: Publicity)

      Help me understand what you’re expecting or what your problem is? IT HASN”T BEEN ANNOUNCED YET

  2. Keep in mind that when Google-Sung compares it’s world market share to Apple’s, they are already several years into the China Mobile 700 million subscriber market and Apple isn’t yet technically…this false comparison will change dramatically in a year.
    Apple may hope to get 2% of that market, but I think they will have 8-10 percent in two years. With a large percentage of 700 million subscribers buying a smartphone in the next two years…do the math. Analysts can’t let themselves see that…Apple has no future and is doomed. A curved screen only does something useful if it goes around your wrist…the rest of the competition is going the 3DTV direction and wasting their time…hope Apple is smart enough to stay away from the curved screen and just make a double sided iPhone with two screens. The back of the iPhone is the best unused real estate.

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