What it took for one Adobe Premiere editor to switch to Apple’s Final Cut Pro X

“Has the tide turned? It seems more and more are discovering that FCPX is really the fastest and best way to get content ingested, edited and outputted,” fcp.co reports. “YouTuber Levi Allen AKA Leftcoast gave himself 24 hours to make the switch. Why did he change NLEs? His video tells all.”

“It was only last week we were having an online conversation with a reader about the YouTuber Leftcoast,” fcp.co reports. ” It was triggered off by the rather public criticism by Philip Bloom on Facebook that described his frustrations with Premiere running on his PC. (He recently switched from a Mac.)”

“So when we saw this video from Leftcoast, we were obviously interested,” fcp.co reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: “It’s just better.”

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  1. Long term I think he’s going to regret this. I will NEVER trust Apple with apps I depend on for money again. I LOVE Apple but lets be honest its a CONSUMER company. They will just stop or abandon a product line without any communication to their users. Pros are CRAZY to work with a “partner” that behaves like this. Remember Aperture? No communication, no move tools to other products, no road map, no updates. Do you not remember the way they moved TO Final Cut X? The crazy slow updates and mediocre support for iWork? iWeb? And on the hardware side are you not seeing the Mac Pro, Mac Mini, and MacBook Pro updates timelines. Again we are a Mac only home, have been for over 20 years. I LOVE Apple but folks don’t kid yourself on who Apple is and what they make. CONSUMER company – I would not depend on Apple for where I make my living with the possible exception of the MacBook Pro.

    1. Been running my production company for 19 years mostly on Apple products. Started with FCP v1 easily transitioned to FCPX. Same with Motion. Started on ae and moved to Motion slowly until v3 when it went 3D. I work on premiere/ae frequently on both Mac and pc and it is painfully clear that adobe products run much better on pc. To me FCPX and Motion5 are simply amazing.

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