“Final Cut Pro X professionals had been waiting to see what the FCPX team has up their sleeves with the next major feature update. Since FCPX 10.3 came out one year ago, we had not seen a feature update, only bug fixes and minor enhancements,” Richard Taylor writes for FCPX.TV. “The attendees of the FCPX Creative Summit in Cupertino got Apple’s worldwide sneak peak at the next major update to FCPX, version 10.4, that will be out sometime later this year.”

“The FCPX Creative Summit is a major once a year USA event that has some of the best FCPX professionals basically showing off FCPX for three days. There are case studies, demonstrations and sessions showing FCPX workflows and techniques,” Taylor writes. “It made perfect sense to highlight a spanking new version of FCPX to the attendees at this event. And Apple did just that. Exclusive worldwide debut of FCPX 10.4.”

“The FCPX team then presented to this select 125+ the non-NDA debut of some new major features of Final Cut Pro 10.4 for an hour or so. Specifically new features such as 360 video tools, a major color overhaul with color wheels and a white balance color picker, native LUT support, HEVC (H.265) and HDR support and a few more items. And I suspect there will be even more features when 10.4 is actually released,” Taylor writes. “During their presentation, Apple referenced their 2 million seats announcement from 6 months ago and said that FCPX now has more seats than any previous version of FCP.”

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