Improv group turns subway entrance into fake Apple Store with iPhone X queue

“Improv Everywhere recently turned a New York City subway station entrance into a fake Apple Store, complete with both fake employees and customers lined up for the iPhone X,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors. “It shared the entire act on YouTube today.”

“The improv group started by affixing a large Apple logo to a glass elevator at the corner of East 23rd Street and Park Avenue in Manhattan, which actually leads down to trains on the Lexington Avenue Line,” Rossignol reports. “Next, they had 50 fake customers line up along the sidewalk. Fake employees, wearing blue shirts with Apple logos, stood near the entrance to the elevator and cheered as people went down to the trains.”

Rossignol reports, “A few people even joined the queue for the iPhone X… The improv act looks to have occurred a few weeks ago, based on a Reddit discussion full of confused New Yorkers. ”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Art.

This one was better attended than any of Microsoft’s fake Apple Stores, that’s for sure.


      1. da! you have found me out! I am the Russian ne’er-do-well who colluded with Donald J. Trump to steal the election from the beautiful, able and honest Hillary Clinton! I will turn myself in to Torquemada Mueller & The Nothing Burger Brigade!

        Forgive me my American comrades!

  1. To the extent this was actors acting, it’s amusing, if a bit obvious.

    If any IRL humans were lied to in order to pad the ‘reality’ mock-up, boo! Sending innocent victims down to a non-existent subway station Apple Store is not kewl. Not kewl at all. – – Now if they got a free iPhone X out of the fakery, then… that’s up to them.

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